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horizon of the soul:
personalized channeled art


My Process:

I trace the outline of a person's hand and attune myself to their soul. I then receive a download of symbols and patterns, which I immediately put to paper, in whatever sequence I am given. Drawing them is without any forethought. The colors are also revealed to me, and then I am guided as to how to paint them in. The right and left hands of the same person are very different from one another. As you will read below, one hand is the energetic map of the Soul’s Journey in this incarnational realm, which is a polarized, fear-based reality. The other hand represents the Soul’s energetic map in the Christed State, the higher non-polarized, love-based reality we are beginning to bring in now.

Questions about this art which I posed to my colleague Maia who channels Thoth:

(Thoth is also one of my primary Inner Planes mentors.)

(Q.) What exactly/specifically are these hand drawings depicting?

Thoth: You bring this ability and art expression from your past life as a male priest at Machu Picchu, where at that time it was the City-Temple of the Moon Thorn with it's Chamber of the Sun at the summit. The few priests were the "sorcerers" of the Temple. This term is used not as a dark connotation, but to say that they worked with powerful Earth magic. They kept the Veils up to protect the priestess oracles, who were often in trance state for weeks at a time. The priests manifested the power to ground the stellar harmonics, which the priestess oracles drew from the Heavens.

ArtCarol, you also created the Uba'Nu - the hand art, which called one to their Sacred Path and gave them protection along their journey. These hand drawings called the Uba'Nu depict the life picture of the SOUL in it's incarnational journey.( Each hand is) A roadmap of symbols to relate to the lines of the palms as read liken unto a star map.

(Q) How might the drawings be best applied in a practical sense?

Thoth: They radiate the energy of the individual's star map of the soul...allowing one to feel and align to that journey. Placing the hand upon the hand image and breathing it in, as well as visually meditating upon it ( aligns the person to their soul’s purpose and therefore to the higher destiny).

When the hands are placed together as in prayer, the star maps /light codes of the Old (right hand) and New (left hand) Programs are brought together to trigger a path for completion within the neural circuitry of the brain, sending these signals into the DNA crystalline structure, which in turn creates new faces on it’s crystals. This process is part of the transformative mudra ( sacred hand position) for creating the Pure Gem Body, ( a light body which is necessary for Ascension). However it is not simply enough to put one’s hands together… that can only be fully accomplished if the individual engaging it is ready in Mind, Body and Spirit for this activation.


(Q) Can you please translate the name Uba’Nu, which you are giving the drawings?

Uba'Nu – the Horizon of the Soul

A Further Note from Maia:

It was also revealed to me that as human beings on this Earth begin to recalibrate their personal Akasha (karmic records of the soul's earth incarnational journeys) and the Lesser Akasha of the planet also disintegrates, souls will have only the Greater Akasha ( left hand map in the Uba’Nu) as their reference time line and their “star maps” will be completely opened to the New Earth Hologram of Ascension. The actual lines in the palms of the hands will change (this is already beginning to happen) and eventually even the fingerprints will transform!

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