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Carol's Cosmic Cafe articles published in Planet Jackson Hole

Articles published in 2018

We are blessed to enjoy, to uphold and to celebrate the many external freedoms given to us by the men and women whose vision for spiritual sovereignty birthed this country... read more
The earth is disclosing more of her past. She is providing archaeologists with the physical evidence that ancient legends about giants, ETs and hobbits are based on fact. These findings are like discovering... read more
Summer is here and the longest day of the year is upon us. In whatever way you choose to celebrate the solstice, please include the pleasure of going barefoot outdoors. Sure, it feels good to walk without shoes on a sandy beach... read more
Once upon a time, or maybe only yesterday, we were all open, curious, playful, eager to explore and to learn. We had ready smiles, emotions which we moved through rapidly and were forgotten quickly... read more
You’ve probably heard the expression “monkey mind.” It describes the fact that without discipline, our minds will wander all over the place, find infinite distractions, become overwhelmed, overly reactive... read more
Although they are not permitted to interfere directly, they nudge us in many different ways. Sometimes it’s in the form of a hunch or a sudden change of plans. Other times it is a message contained in your dreams... read more
Scientists have researched the interface between human consciousness and vastly different forms of earthly intelligence. Here are some outstanding recent examples of explorations into the wonder of consciousness... read more
Walking on the beach with my daughter between rain showers on Maui a week ago, I commented that it felt like something in the islands was going to erupt. That same evening, we flew back to Jackson and the next day... read more
As the Antarctic ice sheet melts, the Earth is revealing some extraordinary chapters of our history. Hundreds of scientists from around the world have been excavating the shrinking ice cap... read more
From a metaphysical perspective, the soul “chooses” our parents. I placed quotes around “chooses” because the arrangement is not about whom we’ll like, rather it has everything to do with setting the stage for our growth... read more
Manifesting our higher consciousness into this physical reality requires a body operating at a high vibration. Food is frequency, energy and information which communicates specific instructions to our cells... read more
Native Americans gleaned a special spiritual awareness as the result of living in close partnership with nature. They knew the animals, birds, insects and plants as spiritual teachers in addition to sources of physical sustenance... read more
People often ask me how and where I gather information on the many diverse topics I explore in this column. Mine is a life-long exploration of the frontiers of consciousness where science and mysticism meet... read more
In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and the quote above, here is a question for you. Do you treat yourself with the same compassion and kindness you extend to those you love? read more
Are you up for an experiment? How about agreeing that for the month of February (Valentine’s Day is next week) we make it a daily mindful practice to choose love over fear, inclusion over separation...read more
You have likely heard of them as Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti, the hairy 8 to 10 foot tall agile human-like elusive creatures found in remote, deep forests around the world. Reports of sightings and interactions...read more
Question: What is the simplest, cost-free, in your control and proven way to upgrade your mood, improve your health and uplift others?...read more
Every generation ushers in remarkable souls who will introduce new perspectives, wisdom, love and talents to our world. In recent years, the consensus among teachers, parents, psychologists and other professionals who work with...read more
Food, like all matter, is frequency, energy and information. Everything we eat and drink is communicating specific instructions to our cells. The quality of the energy in the food determines what it is capable...read more
In the past couple of weeks, amid the holiday hustle and bustle, there has been an interesting, no-drama flurry of UFO related information, including camera footage, released by NASA, former Pentagon officials...read more

Articles published in 2017

You’re in a conversation with a friend, a partner or a group of people, and here’s what automatically tends to happen: As soon as the other person starts speaking, the mind immediately launches into a barrage of mental chatter...read more
This is one of my favorite wisdom teachings because the universal truth is so simply and beautifully shared. Whether or not you are familiar with this ever-so-relevant Native American wisdom...read more
At the conclusion of the Dali Lama’s first visit to the United States many years ago, he was asked by an interviewer what surprised him most about Americans. His reply was that in this richest of countries...read more
Did the Neanderthals realize they were on the cusp of extinction as the next human prototype, the Cro-Magnon, was emerging in their midst? Are we perhaps we the next human experiment on the cusp of extinction...read more
There are so many levels and nuances to love. From a metaphysical perspective, love is way more than an emotion; it is a state of being which comes from the soul and radiates through you...read more
Given the givens of our world, this is a perfect time to focus on how to sustain your inner peace and still care deeply about what’s going on in the world. Neither ignoring all the trauma and drama in the world...read more
When choosing to continue upgrading consciousness, it is important to maintain an open heart and to not lower our frequency when we inevitably encounter people who are annoying, hurtful, disappointing or disrespectful...read more
There comes a time to put into action the important information agreed upon equally by the latest scientific research, the world’s wisdom traditions, and enlightened teachers. They all concur that the energy quality...read more
The effects of a solar eclipse are enduring. The build-up stimulates personal and planetary energies for three to six months before it occurs. (Did you feel the intensity building all summer?)...read more
From a metaphysical perspective, solar eclipses compel us to reassess the quality of our internal and external lives, to clear out what no longer serves us, and to make room for what’s new on the cosmic horizon...read more
With the approach of the Great American Eclipse, people tell me daily they are worrying about everything from what dire things the eclipse might portend, to stressing that our cellphones and internet signals might not work...read more
There has always been an uncanny phenomenon related to major scientific breakthroughs, important inventions, cultural trends, new technologies, and many notable inventions. It’s called “multiple discovery,” because these...read more
Being a lover of travel and languages, I find it fun to study words from languages around the world that express things we’re all familiar with, but don’t quite translate in English. Enjoy this light-hearted summer list of words...read more
If you could know anything, what would that be? Have you ever considered asking yourself to receive the answer in a dream?...read more
Crop Circles are a fascinating phenomenon. They often stretch more than 800 feet (larger than two NFL football fields) with complex and precise geometric patterns laid down into fields of summer grains...read more
The summer solstice, which happens in the northern hemisphere Wednesday, June 21, is when the position of the sun brings the northern hemisphere the longest day and the shortest night of the year...read more
One of the many pleasures of summer is kicking off your shoes and walking barefoot. We all know how great it feels to walk without shoes on a sandy beach, on soft grass or on a gentle path in the woods...read more
Many of you have asked how to know what's best for you when it comes to signing up for an online spiritual development course, attending a live workshop, choosing books to read on metaphysical topics, and/or seeking counsel...read more
How might you react if one day your three-year-old (or grandchild) says to you in all seriousness, "You were my mother before, when I was a baseball player," or "We wore metal cleats then, but no helmets and no lights at night."...read more
How people treat you is about them. How you react is about you. Whether you respond from fear or love sets the stage for how the rest of your story unfolds...read more
Every culture has a wealth of universal truths and wisdom teachings that are shared in stories of a few concise paragraphs. The following are three examples for your inspiration, reflection and learning...read more
Having spent the past two weeks in Maui, I'd like to share the ancient Hawaiian forgiveness and reconciliation practice, Ho'oponopono. This simple practice can restore inner peace, harmony with others...read more
Curious minds love to expand their horizons. Here's a selection of easy to find films related to Cosmic Cafe topics for your enjoyment...read more
In the spirit of simplifying a far more complex phenomenon, we can think of the soul like a tree with many branches and leaves. It's all one tree emerging from the same roots and trunk...read more
A majority of the world's religions and indigenous wisdom traditions foretold the chaotic events happening in our times. These upheavals were never considered to do us in; rather, they would be a necessary purging ...read more
Have you ever thought about the deeper spiritual meaning in the fairy tales we enjoyed as kids and continue to share with our children and grandchildren? These enduring stories are not only fantasies...read more
There are universal metaphysical laws governing how our human consciousness interacts with the higher consciousness of our universe and vice versa. Today's article is an introduction to one of those chief...read more
Birthdays are the only holiday all your own. Even if you are a twin, each person has their unique soul, and twins are not born at exactly the same time. From a metaphysical perspective birthdays have special significance...read more
There is a combination of discovery and disclosure happening right now suggesting a whole new and unexpected part of the planet and human history is preserved under the ice in Antarctica. Clues to what was and what is under...read more
There is a consensus among scientists and contemporary metaphysicians that in order for us to evolve to the highest level of our human potential, we have to upgrade our frequency. Simply put, fear-based...read more
I was on the fence about participating in the women's march on Jackson January 22, knowing I would not be a fan if the prevailing tone were one of anger and divisiveness. To my delight the vibe...read more
The Earth has the equivalent of a heartbeat, which is a measurable frequency called the Schumann Resonance. The importance of knowing about this right now is twofold...read more
We all know when we are happy our natural response is to smile. It turns out the opposite is also true. Science has demonstrated that even when we are not feeling happy and choose to smile...read more
Every day we gladly update the apps on our phones and eagerly anticipate the launch of new technologies. Here are some recent discoveries, which invite us to update some long held beliefs about our relationship to the world...read more
As long as the nature of the collective world reality is polarized, there will be truth and untruth and all the shades in between. We are living in a universe of information, in which we are both senders and receivers...read more
It is essential to know that human kindness and true planetary stewardship are alive and well. Here is a small sample of news stories from across the country and around the world that reflect the best of who we are...read more

Articles published in 2016

What if all readers agreed that for the time period between now and January 15, we all make it a practice to choose love over fear, inclusion over separation, collaboration over competition, compassion over judgment...read more
Recently there have been important scientific discoveries about our hearts and brains and how they communicate with each other. These revelations show us simple ways to train our brains for greater happiness, without...read more
In the 1920s an Apache wise man named Stalking Wolf, a Native elder, had already earned respect for his many prophetic visions, which had come to pass. Before he died he had a detailed vision of a global cataclysm...read more
It was a big "wow" moment for me when I read the following two findings about silence. Two minutes of silence is more relaxing than listening to "relaxing music," based on blood pressure measurements and blood circulation...read more
In the spirit of upcoming family holidays, I thought it might be interesting to share some cosmic perspectives about family and familial relationships. Consider this big picture perspective particularly...read more
Are you aware that contemporary science has proven that we are hardwired for collaboration? Studying the brain with advanced imaging technology, scientists reveal that the human brain is wired to reward caring, cooperation...read more
The natural rhythm of autumn signals shorter days with less direct rays from the sun and longer nights. These shifts are nature's cues for life to slow down and turn inward for a needed period of rest and regeneration...read more
If internal energy conservation, less stress, better health, inner peace and being in the driver's seat of your life appeal to you, consider applying the mantra of "letting go of fixing others" to include bosses and co-workers...read more
Just like many humans, dogs think in pictures. Try this with your pet if you'd like to practice communicating without words or hand signals. Form a mental picture of what you'd like them to do, look at the animal...read more
Coming from a loving state of being can evolve our world as powerfully as the discovery of fire once did. The energy we put out as individuals and together as a human race directly affects what kinds of events and circumstances...read more
The question, "What do you want in your life?" is easy to ask but it can be difficult to answer from the depth, clarity and knowing of the soul. This question is really inviting you to probe deeper into what truly...read more
Out-of-body experiences are a paranormal phenomenon reported by people worldwide. These reports and the subsequent studies launched to investigate them add to the mounting evidence that our consciousness is not limited by...read more
My path crossed with Lea's about a decade ago when she contacted me for a soul reading. That same year she also came to a workshop I facilitated. We lost contact after that. Fast-forward 10 years, and out of the blue...read more
Though science can now locate precisely where in the brain we register many emotions, it cannot capture the incredibly rich range of subtle and complex feelings we are capable of experiencing...read more
Do you find yourself still qualifying your intuitive experiences by prefacing them with words like "odd," "weird," or "crazy?" Do you begin to receive intuitive information and then freak out or fall into self-doubt?...read more
As the world is rapidly changing, more and more people are feeling the need to align to a higher calling, to live a deeper sense of purpose, and to focus their gifts and talents toward the greater good...read more
Though the concept is very ancient, the term "shadow self" was most recently introduced by psychiatrist Carol Jung to describe a phenomenon of the human psyche. There are parts of our collective and individual human nature...read more
A wise Cherokee Grandfather teaches his grandchildren about life: "A fight is going on inside me," he says to the children. "It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves...read more
I love when teachings of science and wisdom intersect, and when new scientific discoveries confirm long held wisdom traditions. Now it's time for trees to enjoy that intersection. The tree story continues to reveal...read more
The new Ghostbusters movie has generated questions about the phenomenon of ghosts and sparked renewed curiosity about real life ghostbusters. Indeed, there are many kinds of ghostly phenomena...read more
The "heartbeat" of the Earth is known as the Schumann resonance, named after physicist Winfried Otto Schumann, who documented it mathematically in 1952. The concept of a consistent planetary heartbeat is also very ancient...read more
The devotion and intelligence of our animals includes incredible acts of kindness and heroism, which can make them life-saving animal angels in our lives. Here is a heart-opening selection of true pet stories...read more
Archaeologists have unearthed remains of an ancient human-like race whose hugely elongated skulls were the result of their genetics, not of any binding to make the skulls long. Most notable are 300 Pre-Incan skulls found...read more
Beliefs are a curious and powerful phenomenon of our consciousness. Once we form a belief and hold it as truth, we are informing the universe to match the energy of the belief and to bring only events matching the belief...read more
Nothing can take away the sadness, grief, shock and outrage we feel when innocent people die as the result of wanton acts of violence. There is no excuse for our inhumanity to one another...read more
I was sitting at home icing a surgically repaired rotator cuff, planning a yummy organic salad for lunch, looking forward to the simple pleasure of a cool evening walk, and musing on a topic for this week...read more
The concept is that there are conscious, intelligent beings in many other realities not typically visible to our physical senses, who serve as guides to what is in our highest and greatest good...read more
A Buddhist wisdom teaching explains that when you get hurt, say, by an arrow, you feel pain; the arrow hitting your arm hurts. However, the teaching goes on to say there is a second arrow, which is your reaction...read more
There's plenty of buzz about the Law of Attraction. On the surface it seems that all you have to do is want something, ask the Universe to provide it and set an intention for whatever that is, and then like magic...read more
During the cold war era more than 50 years ago, both American Intelligence and Russian Intel developed and practiced a method of espionage under various secret programs, which required no technology...read more
Since we just celebrated Mother's Day, I wanted to share two excerpts from my book, Why Wait - Wisdom for Life from Those Who Have Passed Over. The book is a compilation of communications...read more
This week's column is not about "dirty" thoughts; it is about the power of our thoughts. The proven fact is that every thought-positive or negative, spoken aloud or not-creates a chemical response in the body...read more
The famous and often repeated wisdom, "as above, so below," has its origins in ancient Greek history. The meaning is that what's true in the design of largest elements of creation (the macrocosm) is also reflected...read more
We hear a lot about presence, being in the now, and being present. These are three related aspects of long standing wisdom teachings. But what exactly do they mean? Why is being present so desirable, and also so challenging...read more
It has been said that we possess both physical bodies and souls. Therefore, from a metaphysical perspective, everyone's soul is fully present and whole. This is true even as infants, when we don't yet...read more
Children are uniquely able to tap into past life experiences. Think about the following actual real life situations...read more
Karmic relationships are important to our evolution. They are not the same as unconditionally loving, soul mate relationships. You know it's an old karmic relationship pattern, because the same issues come up...read more
Lost civilizations have gone to great lengths to leave records for our benefit telling us about who they were, what they knew, and what has gone down here on Earth. Many of these have been passed down to us in ancient sacred...read more
Our human awareness is so remarkable. We are wired to focus on the world in which we live, and at the same time we are also connected to the higher intelligence of the greater cosmos. The linkup to the...read more
Wabi-sabi is a wise and positive perspective for living life, which originated in Japanese culture and is now global. It is based on three simple realities of our lives: Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect...read more
The every day greetings in many languages and cultures are loaded with profound spiritual meanings and universal truths. Here's a sample of the deeper wisdom underlying regularly shared daily greetings here and abroad...read more
On a cloudless day here in the Tetons, I sat with Native American elder David Bearclaw Abrams talking about the Hopi Indian Prophecies for the 21st century. These have been kept secret for millennia until recently...read more
Here's what we all know. There is a ton of hype and commercialism around Valentine's Day. The media pressure is to feel loving, to be in a great relationship, and to buy stuff to prove it...read more
Soul love is unconditional. It means that you see, love and accept the good and bad, or the beautiful and ugly of the other person. You may not like some of their behaviors. You may not agree with all their ideas...read more
Genuine caring hugs feel great and are a built-in, natural and cost-free way to enjoy better physical and emotional well-being. We are wired to experience touch as reassuring, and scientists have discovered...read more
As we know, people once believed Earth was flat and if you got to the edge, you'd fall off and perish. Outdated beliefs about our planet, about ourselves, and about the cosmos can be amusing to us...read more
Becoming a more evolved, more awake and more self-aware human being requires knowing that our egos and our souls function very differently from each other and take us to different places when it comes to happiness...read more
While mainstream media focuses on the negative, plenty of positive tales are transpiring in the world...read more

Articles published in 2015

The advice to trust your gut is more than folk wisdom. Sometimes an idea or decision looks great on paper but does not feel right in your gut. And sometimes an idea or decision feels right in the gut though it does not ...read more
Curious to learn more about this past year's Cosmic Café topics? Here's a selection of nonfiction books from the Cosmic Café bookshelf that address topics I've explored in this column. These books promise to expand your horizons...read more
I am often asked if I can offer any wisdom on how to take the high road in the face of all the wanton violence, volatility, toxicity, stress and distress in the world...read more
Winter holidays across the globe remind us of the joy that comes from spreading love and light. Gift giving is one of the shared expressions of these holidays. Here are some thoughts and suggestions if you'd like to reclaim...read more
Feeling gratitude and expressing thanks is a simple, powerful and proven way to live happier and healthier. Living life though the lens of gratitude means taking the time to notice and reflect every day on things large and small...read more
Human beings have enjoyed an innate drive to explore every corner of the physical earth, the physical solar system, and the greater cosmos. But we are also hard-wired to expand our consciousness and evolve...read more
Holiday time usually includes spending time with the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly of family dynamics and individual personalities. A measure of spiritual maturity and a key to personal freedom is the ability...read more
When you begin to explore the idea of reincarnation and who you might have been in a past life, it's tantalizing to wonder if you were an important figure in history. But, hundreds of people have not all been King Arthur...read more
These gifted people who can interact with ghosts are not really busting ghosts - they are helping ghosts get unstuck. Ghostbusters are able to help deceased people whose emotional bodies are still clinging to the earth to move on...read more
There's some good news for all of us who suffer from the epidemic of taking ourselves too seriously. We all have a natural built-in antidote that opens the heart, releases stress, positively stimulates the immune system...read more
The everyday flood of information published in the conventional and alternative presses, shared on social media, and marketed in advertisements makes it extra challenging to figure out what is true...read more
People often ask me to suggest movies with thought-provoking, mind-expanding themes along the lines of what I share in my "Cosmic Café" columns. Movie time beckons as the days are getting shorter ...read more
Every generation brings in a remarkable gathering of souls who are born with new perspectives, special abilities and challenges, which will form their unique contribution to human evolution...read more
References to angels and their loving deeds appear in art, history, literature and oral teachings dating back thousands of years. According to metaphysical science, angels are their own unique life form created through a different template than humans...read more
Compassion is a state of mind, a state of feeling and a state of being that views life through the lens of the heart and therefore removes judgment. Compassion is not about condoning hurtful behavior...read more
A friend introduced me to this story a long time ago; I rediscovered it recently and thought you might also find it inspiring...read more
If you were to close your eyes and imagine being at a favorite beach, and also bring to mind the warmth of the sun, the scent of ocean air and the fragrance of tropical flowers, your brain experiences that scene as if it were really happening...read more
Q: Was I a different gender in a past life? A: The short answer is yes. The soul selects the gender that will offer the best opportunity to learn and to contribute in each lifetime and in each period in history...read more
Truly listening to someone with whom we are talking is considered an advanced spiritual skill because it involves being able to quiet your mind. This is the same goal in meditation, yoga and martial arts...read more
Maybe you have read about heart transplant patients who after surgery report radically different preferences in the foods they crave, the music they are drawn to, hobbies they suddenly love and other idiosyncratic preferences of daily life...read more
Professional animal communicators and pet owners around the world can attest that pets on the other side can communicate by sending their human companions telepathic messages and unmistakable signs and symbols of their continued existence...read more
When someone's death is untimely - because they die young, or are victims of violence, natural disasters or sudden accidents - the pain is all the more searing. Making sense of it all can be challenging...read more
The ego aspect of the psyche is like an ever-present two-year-old. It's appropriate to indulge the two-year-old periodically, but do you want that voice to run your life? The ego is not inherently bad, and you cannot get rid of it. Like a toddler, it needs to be given clear boundaries or it will run your life...read more
Most psychic detectives keep a low profile and work behind the scenes helping police departments in locating missing persons, as well as identifying and finding the perpetrators. The psychic gift comes in many forms...read more
The healing power of pets has been extensively studied and written about both in rigorous academic research and in anecdotal reports. It's exciting when research compliments, validates and even expands what we sense from our own personal experiences...read more
Authors like Deepak Chopra, Stuart Wilde, Phil Laut and many others have bestselling books on how to create "prosperity consciousness" and live abundantly...read more
Thanks to telescopes orbiting in space, astronomers have found more than 500 solar systems in our neighborhood of the Milky Way Galaxy. In each of these solar systems there are earthlike planets orbiting their suns...read more
The fastest way to intercept a negative attitude about yourself or about anyone or anything is to identify it and then without any self-judgment immediately think about things your are grateful for...read more
"If you devote your life to seeking revenge, first dig two graves." - Confucius...read more
Scientific studies in plant communication began in the 1970s. Cleve Backster, plant lover and professional polygraph operator, decided to link plants to a polygraph machine and see if they expressed any emotions...read more
A number of summers ago there was a theater production in town, with a great title, "I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change." It is so true that we tend to do this to people with whom we are close. The intention may be coming from a good place...read more
All life on this planet is part of a living, interconnected global energy matrix - a planet-based, bio-energetic interactive internet, to which we are all subscribers. Whether or not we are consciously sensitive to and aware of changes in the matrix...read more
According to metaphysical tradition, the evolutionary direction of our lives on Earth is to embody and live here in a state of unconditional love...read more
Science has demonstrated that all life is intelligent, interconnected and communicating all the time. In addition, research proves that our thoughts, beliefs and actions directly impact our individual wellbeing and contribute to the entire matrix of life on the Earth...read more
The energy of spring always brings with it the excitement of renewal and fresh possibilities, coupled with the urge to lighten up, get rid of excess and feel freer...read more
A growing body of research continues to demonstrate that all life forms on Earth - from the tiniest to the largest - are intelligent. They communicate and respond to each other all the time...read more
Regrettably, the air, water and land on this planet are not pure anymore, even in remote locations. That said, organically grown and raised food has at least four important factors in its favor: less toxic chemicals, greater nutrition, care of the land and support of the ecosystem and the energy of the Earth...read more
As you already know, the mind can make up a story about anything, and it can also justify anything whether it is true or not. That overload of mental pros and cons often turns into confusion and paralysis...read more
Some readers have heard that several men helping on the scene of the now-famous landslide were secretly whisked away to a military base in an undisclosed location...read more
You'll be happy to know that there are many varieties of meditation. Some are physically passive and others are physically active. Some are solitary; others are practiced in a group...read more
Yes! The dream state lets us break through all the limitations and distractions of daily life and connect with other parts of our intelligence and higher consciousness, a.k.a. the cosmic Internet!...read more
It's easy to assume that artists routinely plug into their intuitions, but you may not know that many business owners and entrepreneurs say that intuition separates the experts from the amateurs...read more
Accurate premonition dreams are a common extrasensory phenomenon. It is a challenge to know if a dream is a true prediction of future events or just a reflection of your own hopes and fears, the result of something that upset you in the day, watching frightening movies, or even the side effect of stomach indigestion...read more
Whether you are adopted or not, it is assumed that every aspect of the circumstances of your life and upbringing are part of the "software" your soul has selected to give you for your successful evolution and contribution this time around...read more
Being single is not a sentence for loneliness, unhappiness or selfishness any more than being a couple guarantees happiness, generosity or fulfillment...read more
From the perspective of reincarnation, soul mates are people (souls) with whom we have had loving relationships in past lifetime experiences, whose paths we cross again now...read more


Here are some articles from my Cosmic Cafe newspaper column for your enjoyment. If the topics stimulate questions, email them to me... I will answer them in future articles.

According to reincarnation theory, all souls were created at the beginning of the Cosmos. In that sense, all souls are equal in age. Souls are on an infinite journey through this infinite Cosmos, so there is no end to the universes, galaxies, star sys... read more
Yes. We each have many. Soulmates are people (souls) with whom we have had loving relationships in past lifetimes whom we meet again now. Because of the positive experiences we have had in other lives, there is an immediate ease and uncanny fami... read more
According to metaphysical tradition, the evolutionary direction of our lives on earth is to embody and to live here in a state of unconditional love congruent with the energy from which our souls originated. Therefore, the direction of our personal an... read more

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America's Esoteric Past & Prophecy

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Cosmic Perspectives on Death

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Pets, Animals, Plants & Weather

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Strategies for Living / A Soul-Based Life

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