Yes. We each have many.

Soulmates are people (souls) with whom we have had loving relationships in past lifetimes whom we meet again now. Because of the positive experiences we have had in other lives, there is an immediate ease and uncanny familiarity with these people when we cross paths. There is a heart resonance, which carries across lifetimes.

Positive past life connections include souls who at other times have been friends, family members, partners, teachers and colleagues. Considering we have loved many people over the course of many incarnations, there is the potential for numerous soulmate encounters every lifetime.

Meeting someone now whom you knew and loved before sparks instant comfort, good feeling and immediate connection. It is impossible to ignore! However it does not necessarily mean drop your life and run off with this person. What happens next has a lot of variables. It will be up to the two of you to get to know each other now, and to determine what kind of relationship…if any…best suits who you each are now. Not only do people change over the course of one lifetime, they also change lifetime to lifetime.

The bottom line of a soul-connected relationship is mutual unconditional love and acceptance of each other as is …the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. Unconditional love means there is no energy expended on trying to fix or reform the other person. Unconditional love is the context in which we can safely work on our personal growth because the love is never in question. Soulmates mutually evoke deep stuff to come to the surface for resolution.This actually means that life with soulmates is not always a happily ever after love-in; it is a potent opportunity to evolve.

Keep in mind that whether or not part of your experience this life is to be with a soul you have known and loved before, all unconditionally loving relationships are soulful. Right now we have the chance to experience soul love and to make connections in this life which may be soulmate “ reunions” in future lives.