According to reincarnation theory, all souls were created at the beginning of the Cosmos. In that sense, all souls are equal in age. Souls are on an infinite journey through this infinite Cosmos, so there is no end to the universes, galaxies, star systems, planets and dimensions of reality in which souls incarnate. Some say that souls can incarnate simultaneously in more that one reality and location.

The term "old soul" refers to someone whose soul has incarnated here on earth in the human experience many, many…even thousands upon thousands…of lifetimes. Souls with few, human earthly incarnations are considered "new souls." Having many or few lives in this reality is not a reflection of one’s intelligence or spiritual evolution.

Here are some attributes of old souls. These people usually have a gut feeling that they have been around this block a long time, regardless of their current age or life circumstances. They emanate an inner richness from having experienced a lot of living on earth. With that often comes wisdom. Sometimes, there can also be a sense of inner fatigue and frustration that humanity never seems to evolve. Old souls usually have a compelling interest in specific periods of human history, likely because they have had lifetimes then. Old souls are saddened by, but rarely surprised or shocked by the travesties human beings are capable of propagating.

There are two special challenges for old souls. First, is to keep an open mind and a compassionate heart, rather than developing a jaded and impatient attitude toward life. Second is to be fully in the present right now, because every moment is new.

Souls new to earthly incarnation do not have deep attachments and connections to human history for good reason. They have very few, if any prior lives here. They may be curious to understand the overview about what has gone down, but not invested. New souls tend to be shiny and bright…they are not carrying karma accrued here… and they are rather shocked and confused by human behaviors, motivations and priorities. There is a certain appropriate naivete that comes with being a new soul here. This does not mean unintelligent…after all, these souls have recently completed living and learning elsewhere.

There are also two special challenges for new souls. First is to orient and learn how life works here without pretending to know it all or feel superior. Second is to engage fully in the human experience while maintaining their natural clarity and lightness of being.

So now, feel your own energy and the energy of others, and feel who seems to be an old or a newer soul to earthly incarnation. Use the insight to understand yourself and others in a new light and with greater compassion.