According to metaphysical tradition, the evolutionary direction of our lives on earth is to embody and to live here in a state of unconditional love congruent with the energy from which our souls originated. Therefore, the direction of our personal and collective evolution is away from fear-based thoughts, beliefs, actions, and structures, toward attitudes, actions and systems based on love.

We are held to basic universal principles to accomplish this. One of these is the Law of Karma, which has three major components. The first is that thoughts, beliefs, and actions not based in love, will eventually require a course correction. The second is that we reap the effects of both our positive and negative thoughts and actions. The benefits of loving actions accrue now and across lifetimes; the negative patterns repeat until upgraded. The third component of the Law of Karma is that our own thoughts, beliefs and actions determine what we attract into our experience.

There is no time limit or competition for how long it takes each of us to transform familiar fear-based expressions like judgment, aggression, hatred, self-doubt, dishonesty, or exclusivity, into love-based actions like inclusion, collaboration, acceptance, gratitude, love and compassion. The opportunity to evolve will present itself over and over. As the upgrades are mastered, life has more ease, grace, love and inner peace. Deep fulfillment prevails regardless of changing external circumstances.

The level of correction is not about perfection. Nor does it mean walking around never feeling uncomfortable, never having a difficult day, and never having clear preferences. Each soul has its own “quota” for mastery. The entire process is an inside job!

How long this process takes, is directly in our hands. Personal and collective evolution are influenced by our level of awareness, positive intention, self-honesty, open heartedness, the ability to forgive self and others, willingness to take responsibility for ourselves and choosing the emotional high road as consistently as possible in the face of whatever life presents.

You might want to notice repeating patterns of dissatisfaction, frustration or conflict in your work, personal relationships and within yourself as a way to become more mindful of what it is you are intending to upgrade. With this awareness, you can feel more gratitude for the positives in your life, and get on with the inner homework so you can sow what you really want to reap!

Operating on the primary fuel of love rather than fear literally enlightens the individual, the collective, and the consciousness of the planet herself. The Law of Karma puts us in the driver’s seat of our lives.