Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

"The universe is not separate from your perception of it. Change your perception and the universe changes instantly."
- Jeanne Houston, PhD

There are universal metaphysical laws governing how our human consciousness interacts with the higher consciousness of our universe and vice versa. Today's article is an introduction to one of those chief universal principles, which offers a key to living a more fulfilled life.

The universe rearranges itself to accommodate our perceptions of what's real and what's possible. We are in a 24/7-feedback loop with the unified field of consciousness of the universe. The field is designed to continuously "read" the energy of our perceptions, thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs. Then it matches the energies we have inputted, and returns them to us in the form of similar events, people and circumstances.

The universe does not judge or analyze or have an opinion related to what the frequencies of our thoughts, beliefs, actions, or emotions are asking it to deliver. The universe simply responds abundantly. Bottom line: The universe delivers what we are indicating we want. The feedback loop we have with the universe is that powerful. Changing our input changes what's possible in our lives.

Shift your perception

Sometimes changing the message we're asking the universe to match is as easy as a reminder to shift direction in some area of life or to adopt a different perception. Here is an example of a quick shift. My office has a front door and a back door. Recently a good friend joined me for lunch in my office. She came in the front door looking glum, complaining about everything, expressing the "glass half empty" view of life.

After a while, I invited her to try an experiment to shift her perspective. I asked if she'd be willing to walk out of the front door of my office the way she came in, and then come back in via the back door. She did, and once in the office again, I asked her to list out loud the things in her life for which she's grateful and things that are working well.

The combination of coming back into my office from a different door and then focusing on the "glass half full" perspective completely changed her demeanor and attitude. After our lunch she left smiling saying, "I don't even know anymore what I was so agro about."

Sometimes, however, it's not so simple. The more challenging and complex part of upgrading the energies going out to the universe is that many of our deeply held beliefs are in the part of our psyche that is unconscious. This means the patterns are operating on autopilot from us to the universe and back to us. We're not even aware of what we are asking the universe to provide.

We all have beliefs and patterns that don't serve us well. Fortunately, it's possible to bring those hidden beliefs to light, so we can first evaluate if they are true, and then change the energy quality of our messages so they inform the universe what we really want in our experience.

Discern the patterns

Any time you notice a less than satisfying recurring pattern in your life-perhaps you seem to always have difficult bosses or co-workers, or the same issues with friends, or with money, health, and/or with love relationships-this is the perfect opportunity to inquire within yourself.

If what's showing up in your life are lemons, but you want lemonade, there is likely a deeply buried and limiting belief signaling to the universe, "Bring me lemons." Perhaps you can figure out on your own what message/belief you are unknowingly asking the universe to match, which isn't what you say you really want.

It can be invaluable to seek professional help to identify, let go of, and then reframe limiting beliefs. Keep in mind that if you're faking a new belief it won't get you what you want.

Hopefully you now have a glimpse into what a powerful relationship we have in partnership with the unified field of consciousness of our universe. Though I have not introduced the quantum science behind this principle, if you'd like the scientific evidence there is plenty to discover on the web.


"The universe rearranges itself to accommodate our perceptions of what's real and what's possible." Enjoy reflecting on this metaphysical principle and how it operates. Experiment. Be mindful. Do your personal homework. Allow the co-creative relationship we all have with the universe to work in your favor and present you with opportunities for expanded horizons and greater happiness. PJH