Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

How to finally start listening to, and stop discounting, your intuition.

"Life is a school where you learn how to remember what your soul already knows."

- Unknown

Do you find yourself still qualifying your intuitive experiences by prefacing them with words like "odd," "weird," or "crazy?" Do you begin to receive intuitive information and then freak out or fall into self-doubt? Are you among the many who are still afraid of their natural psychic abilities?

It's time to let go of all those old fears and the habit of shrugging off extra-sensory ways of knowing. We all have intuitive abilities. Why? Because we have a soul, and our soul operates something like the cloud does for the computer. The soul is a library of consciousness; it is not bound by time or space and records everything it has experienced, witnessed and learned anywhere, anytime and everywhere in the cosmos. And the soul is plugged into the "server" of all servers: the source. We all have the potential to access and know anything about anything we need to know by connecting with our soul.

Extrasensory perception is intelligence that bypasses the rational mind and is relayed to us directly from the soul. Many consider that intuition is the soul talking to us. Since everything is changing so rapidly on so many levels right now, there is no better time to be open, to claim your own gifts for expanded ways of perception and knowing.

Soulful guidance

How do you know the soul is guiding you and not your ego or your rational mind? The answer is, you just know. Most of the time when I ask someone how she knew she should move to Jackson Hole, for example, she answers by saying, "I just knew." When your soul is guiding you, the answer will be, "I don't know-I just know." Then the mind can fill in its reasons. But the minute you answer the "how do you know" question by listing pros and cons or reciting what others have said, you are in your mind. And the mind can make up a story about anything.

Quell the fear

Fear is the automatic first response whenever something outside our usual experience presents itself. Why? Because the collective world reality we are all still living in is fear-based. The hallmark structure of our reality is ever flip-flopping polarities. Where there's light there will be dark, when there is war there will be peace, whether it takes a minute or a thousand years for the polarity to shift, it will shift. Success and failure, health and illness and life and death are other examples of the numerous polarities we live with. We never know when these dualities will flip-flop. We just know they will. This contributes to background anxiety, a.k.a. fear. In the foreground is all the rock and roll in the world right now, to which we are connected energetically, even if we don't expose ourselves to the extra dose of fear amplified in the media.

Research has shown that along with suppressing the immune system, constricting the body, and contracting the heart, fear shuts down access to higher realms of our own consciousness. It's literally true that we cannot connect with the soul and the greater cosmos in the presence of fear. So please be kind to yourself if fear is your first reaction to new things. And then put the fear in the passenger's seat and allow yourself to explore new frontiers in your consciousness.

Your heart is the portal

Let's take this evolutionary leap without looking in the rear view mirror. Science has confirmed so much about the extraordinary potential of our consciousness, and we now have great tools for maximizing and integrating body, mind and soul.

It is the human heart, which connects us to our soul and the greater cosmos. The French have a saying: "The heart has its reasons that reason cannot know." Living with an open heart is the state of being that brings in more from our link into soul and cosmic consciousness. That's also why most psychic experiences occur when we are in a relaxed state of being, when the mind is quiet, the ego is resting, the body is at peace and the heart is open. The importance of the heart connection for our evolution is also why the universal wisdom of choosing love over fear is found in every wisdom tradition.

Slow down and listen

As you pay more attention to the wisdom in your heart and soul you will come to trust it, and you'll notice that direct, intuitive, extra-sensory knowing becomes more and more valuable in your life.

The Persian mystic and poet Rumi, who lived in Persia in the 13th century, is a favorite of mine. He wrote, "There is a voice that does not use words. Listen." PJH