Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Remaining cognizant of good guidance

References to angels and their loving deeds appear in art, history, literature and oral teachings dating back thousands of years. According to metaphysical science, angels are their own unique life form created through a different template than humans. Angels exist in a higher frequency and a more subtle reality. They are ambassadors of pure love.

Some aspects of angelic consciousness have the ability to modulate their frequency in such a way to interact with humans. They can use our human template to project temporarily into a form more similar to ours and offer loving guidance. Angels can appear in a physical form, and they also can communicate to our inner mind via telepathy or even deliver a message via another person.

Angel wings are actually the visible effect of the fluctuating energy field on each side of the angelic essence as it projects itself into this human reality. Some of the pure light of the angelic essence bursts through as it adapts to our reality and appears to us as a halo.

Here are three true angel stories:

Saving a child's life

A Canadian man who had been working at his computer for long hours decided to step out of his house for a breath of fresh air. As he stood on the curb in front of his house, he felt an odd cool breeze on his neck and a tap on his right shoulder. Startled, he then felt what he assumed was an angel whispering in his right ear. With all this phenomena happening on the right side of his body, he turned to his right where he saw a two-year-old child in the middle of the street in the path of an oncoming speeding car. The man dove into the street and managed to push himself and the child out of the way. They both escaped without injury.

Angels in space

Six Soviet cosmonauts aboard the Salyut 7 space station witnessed what they called "the most awe-inspiring sight in the skies" when seven giant figures appeared in the sky with human bodies, cherubic faces and smiles, huge wings and mist-like halos. Twelve days later as they continued to orbit the earth, the band of angels returned and were seen by three different scientists in the crew.

Soul mates

A woman in Ohio asked her angels to please help her find her soul mate. Three months later she stopped at a red light as she was driving to work. Her eyes caught a glimpse of an attractive man at the construction site next to the stoplight. Their eyes met for a fleeting moment and then she drove off as the light turned green. Suddenly she heard a loving and insistent voice telling her to turn around and go back. The voice was so powerful and insistent that she said out loud, "OK, OK, I will." It turned out the man was from another part of the country and was there to oversee that new construction site for just that one day. You can guess the rest of the story - they are now married.

The take away from these true angel encounters is to value, pay attention and follow angelic prompts of undeniable loving guidance without hesitation. How will you know it's angelic input? You'll just know. PJH