Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

How improving other people's lives helps to improve your own well-being.

Coming from a loving state of being can evolve our world as powerfully as the discovery of fire once did. The energy we put out as individuals and together as a human race directly affects what kinds of events and circumstances enter our experience. Simply stated, this is how it works: Our thoughts, beliefs and actions are part of a continuous feedback loop to the Universe. The Universe delivers into our experience what the energy frequencies of our consciousness indicate we are interested in.

Evolutionary people enjoy many benefits

Science has proven that loving feelings (kindness, compassion, acceptance, caring, forgiveness, collaboration) provide us with the biochemistry of physical, mental and emotional well-being. This translates to physical health, emotional calmness and mental clarity, all of which make it possible to thrive. These benefits create such an upgrade for us, and there is more. Feelings which are derivatives of love also allow for us to receive guidance from the evolved wisdom, unconditional love and higher intelligence of our souls/the Cosmos/Source.

A loving state of being is what will allow us to partner with each other and with the Universe in new, infinite creative and positive ways. It is how we can directly evolve the state of the world right now and leave behind endless repeating patterns born of fear, separation and trauma drama. That old way of living is only about surviving; it never gets better, and it has run its course.

Staying in the driver's seat

We are in control of choosing to come from love or fear. Therefore, every person is capable of contributing to evolving the state of the world. Even in dire circumstances we have in our power the choice to take the emotional high road or not. I've had the honor of knowing many people who survived the concentration camps of the Holocaust in WWII. They are and were living testaments to the loving essence of the human spirit and the always present choice to come from love. Having endured the dehumanizing atrocities of concentration camps, and bearing witness to the murder of 6 million innocent people, they miraculously did not carry hatred. Those survivors whom I knew went on to live happy, loving and contributory lives.

Good news

The good news, according to many knowledgeable sources, is that we only have to come from a loving state of being 51 percent of the time to make a shift for ourselves and collectively for our planet. This does not mean being hateful the rest of the time; it means that being an evolutionary does not require a state of perfection. The 51 percent number signals to the Universe we are more interested in a loving state of being, than other options. And the Universe will take note and respond.

Two ways to start right now

Researchers have estimated that 80 percent of our thoughts each day are negative. A simple, life-changing strategy is to be mindful of what you say and think. Reroute your thoughts to the glass is half-full approach. Make the decision to focus on limiting the negative and expanding the positive. This is not an invitation to have your head in the sand or to pretend everything is great. It might be more like being on a "thought diet;" skip the toxic negative ones.

Practicing random acts of kindness is another simple way to get to 51 percent or more. Open the door for people, help someone carry a heavy grocery bag, give a person the change she needs in the supermarket checkout line, smile, pick up trash on the trail, make dinner for your partner, walk a dog at the Animal Adoption Center, drive a friend home if they are drinking. There are so many opportunities that present themselves every day. Again, science has proven that acts of kindness (when not expecting anything in return) bring equal benefits of well-being to the giver and to the recipient.

Practice works

Embodying a loving state of being is evolutionary. This is a free, peaceful, 24/7 opportunity to upgrade your life and the world. The timing is now. Commit to practicing every day and soon it will become a go-to way of being. Remember this quote from the Dali Lama: "Whenever possible, be kind. It is always possible." PJH