Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Examining recent events in Hawaii and beyond elucidates an evolving planet

Walking on the beach with my daughter between rain showers on Maui a week ago, I commented that it felt like something in the islands was going to erupt. That same evening, we flew back to Jackson and the next day we woke up to the news that Kilauea was erupting on the Big Island. Friends who are aware that I just got back from Maui have been asking me if I would share a big picture perspective on all the Earth’s activity—eruptions, earthquakes, floods, torrential rains—happening now in the Hawaiian Islands.

The big picture perspective is bigger than Hawaii. The Earth is a living, sentient, always evolving being. She births new energies for her own evolution with geologic events that are both internally activated and catalyzed by interstellar activity. Right now, Earth is creating new land and bringing in new energy frequencies in response to signals from within and from the greater cosmos.

Akin to how our mothers give birth to us, Mother Earth births new parts of herself. It is a similar blend of creation and destruction, ease and pain. Birthing a child is a miracle, which is also painful and messy. Earth changes are the same. The end results in both cases are wonderful.

Stunning Connections and Cracks

Science reveals that all the life processes of the living planet are interconnected. And everything affects everything from the macro to the micro and vise versa. What’s happening in Hawaii is part of an interconnected global process.

If we could catch a glimpse of the planet a hundred miles up, the world right now might look like a huge egg beginning to crack open to reveal something new. There are literally big cracks appearing on the surface of the Earth accompanied by the volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and climate shifts.

In Africa, a recent crack in Kenya is 50 feet deep and 65 feet wide; scientists say this portends the long-term eventuality that Africa will split apart. New Zealand is cracking too; on the North Island there is a new fissure 656 feet long, 98 feet wide and growing. Meanwhile, one region of Peru has 53 new cracks.

South Africa, Russia, China have giant cracks, too. The USA has some, as well. Last month a new crack was found right here in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming...it is currently 750 yards long and 50 feet wide.

Evolving with Grace, Awareness

Once, long ago, the continents were joined and then split into the land masses we now recognize. We’ve read about Ice Ages, and how the Sahara Desert was once fertile, and that there have been life-changing pole shifts on Earth. That’s all on such a large scale and occurred so long ago, that it is mind-boggling to contemplate that we could actually be bearing witness to and being part of another phase of big planetary changes.

We are also being supported to see and to release what no longer works to make room for the new in our human potential. This upgrade occurs naturally by replacing outdated fear-based beliefs and behaviors with inclusive, collaborative, loving states of being and actions.

Sadly, people, property and wildlife suffer losses in the wake of planetary shifts. At the same time, for the Earth and for us to evolve, this must happen. We are totally capable of holding multiple truths at the same time. We can be aware of the big picture perspective and feel our feelings. That means paying attention to what’s going on, taking constructive actions, practicing resilience and choosing to evolve in partnership with the planet.

Keep in mind that everything is interconnected. Stepping into our higher potential is precisely how we are designed to add grace and ease to the Earth as she evolves.