Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

What remote viewing can teach us about human capabilities.

During the cold war era more than 50 years ago, both American Intelligence and Russian Intel developed and practiced a method of espionage under various secret programs, which required no technology and no need for a spy to travel. The scientifically designed protocol used only the expanded abilities of our consciousness and mental powers.

The technique now called remote viewing was a term coined by noted researcher and psychic Ingo Swann, who worked on the government programs. Swann correctly remote viewed that the planet Jupiter has rings, a fact later confirmed by space probes. Swann called remote viewing a "form of virtual reality traveling" brought under conscious control. Remote viewing was eventually declassified in the 1980s.

A Scientific Method

Remote viewing is a scientific method of tapping into the "universal mind/the unified field of consciousness," transcending time and space, and bringing the unconscious functions of our intelligence into conscious awareness. The technique allows information from normally inaccessible levels of our unconscious to come into conscious awareness. As much as 98 percent of our brain's perceptions are estimated to be unconscious, operating below the horizons of our everyday awareness.

A Remote Viewer

The specific techniques in RV do not require psychic ability and can be learned by virtually anyone. A person trained in the specific protocol for remote viewing is entirely awake the whole time. They also have no idea what the target is they are being given. The target is presented to them as a series of numbers and/or letters. Often the experiments are double blind, meaning the researcher is also unaware of the target.

What the person is meant to view could be located in the next room, across the country, around the world, under the ocean, underground, or in outer space. A remote viewer is also capable of accurately perceiving and describing a target in the present, past or future, because using the protocol, human consciousness can transcend both time and space

Practical Uses

Remote viewing is currently being widely taught to regular people. If you are interested, be sure to research credible training programs taught by qualified remote viewers. Some practical applications of RV include: finding missing objects and treasures, locating missing persons, medical diagnosis, problem solving and research for work or at home, information regarding events in the past, present or future.


One of the most comprehensive nonprofit research and educational organizations dedicated to remote viewing since 1995 is The Farsight Institute. Their website includes a library of information, studies, and experiments, most of which are free to view. Dr. Courtney Brown is the Farsight Institute founder and director. "New research indicates that alternate futures actually do exist," Brown said, "and that the past exists simultaneously with the present."

If all this intrigues you, enjoy researching remote viewing and discovering more about the frontiers of our remarkable human consciousness. PJH