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Crop Circles are a fascinating phenomenon. They often stretch more than 800 feet (larger than two NFL football fields) with complex and precise geometric patterns laid down into fields of summer grains. Much of the designs are done in the middle of night, in a few hours or less, with no footprints. "Some of these formations are so immense and complex as to defy reason," Richard Dolan, historian, academic, author, and one of the world's leading UFO researchers, once said.

Sometimes people have seen white orbs moving around the crops at the time the grain is swirled and intricately woven into purposeful patterns. Though crop circles occur all over the world, and have for a long time, England's crop formations have been the most numerous, the most studied and the most elaborate.

Two amazing examples

In summer 2001, there were two extraordinary crop circles which appeared in the same field next to England's largest interstellar observatory. The first was an enormous rectangular honeycomb of "pixels," which were indecipherable at ground level. From the air, the design revealed a human face that clearly and eerily looked like the controversial "face" photographed on the surface of Mars.

A few days later, a second crop circle appeared in binary code. Researchers were struck by how similar it was to the 1974 binary code interstellar radio transmission designed by Carl Sagan and beamed by SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) into space. This was transmitted from the observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, toward a star cluster 23,000 light years away from earth.

The transmission sent in the 70s showed the drawing of a man, the double helix of human DNA, symbols for the five basic elements of life on earth (hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and phosphorous) and a map of our solar system highlighting earth as the the third planet from the sun.

There were some enticing additions in the crop circle which appeared 30 years after the signals from earth were sent. In the crop circle the DNA has three strands, forming a triple helix. Our message included five key elements in our periodic table, and the crop formation had a sixth element inserted. It was the code for silicon, and alternative life-bearing substance to carbon. You can imagine that scientists and lay people alike have speculated this crop circle might have been an answer to the Arecibo transmission.

Who creates the circles and why?

Theories abound about the creators of the circles, and how they do this. However, the consensus is that these are intentional communications created by friendly non-terrestrial intelligence using advanced technologies.

The intent seems to be three things: a benevolent effort to tell us more about our place in the cosmos; to let us know what shifts may be occurring in the cosmos which are, or will be, affecting us; and to awaken us to higher levels of consciousness.

How could these enormous crop circles accomplish any of these things? People who study and interpret them point to the many levels of symbolic, mathematical and esoteric information/meaning in the patterns, coupled with the longitude and latitude of each circle, and the distinctly accelerated energy frequencies measured in the circles themselves.

Authentic vs. fake

To be sure, there are authentic crop circles and manmade fakes. Scientists have discovered the plants in authentic circles have significant changes in their DNA. Plants involved in the crop formations grow 40 percent larger than the regular grains. Their root systems are also 40 percent stronger, and the grains are markedly healthier. And, though the designs cover hundreds of yards and are intricately laid on acres upon acres of plants to form the woven, complex patterns, the plant stems are bent, but never broken.

Up close and personal

I have walked in some of these crop circles in England and have flown over many of them in a small plane. I can attest to their awe-inspiring patterns and powerful energies. Some breweries in England even make beer and bread using the grains from crop circles.

I leave it to your curious minds to check research at cropcircleconnector.com. There is also a compelling documentary online by Academy Award nominated documentary filmmaker William Gazecki, Crop Circles: Quest for Truth.

Indeed, the 2017 crop circle season has already begun. PJH