Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

“A change of heart changes everything” – Unknown


Did the Neanderthals realize they were on the cusp of extinction as the next human prototype, the Cro-Magnon, was emerging in their midst?

Are we perhaps we the next human experiment on the cusp of extinction and/or are we the ones we’ve been waiting for to partner with the cosmos, empower ourselves and facilitate an evolutionary leap for our species?


We have an abundance of information from cutting-edge sciences corroborating ancient predictions all pointing to big evolutionary changes right now. We have plenty of troubling data about the reality of climate change, about toxic air, fresh and salt water pollution, the toll of deadly chemicals in our food supplies, and the uptick in numbers of species daily going extinct.

There are also indicators that big changes are bigger than just on Earth. These include heightened activity and changes in the magnetic field of our sun, and climate changes on most of the other planets in our solar system.

Perhaps you are already aware that Earth has a documented history of cycles of mass extinctions. Arguing over to what degree we have or have not hastened another mass extinction is no longer relevant; the shifts are upon us.


The wisdom teachings, spiritual traditions and converging prophecies for our times from around the world, along with those of current spiritual teachers, are all telling us that the upside is we are experiencing an unprecedented opportunity to participate in our own quantum evolution.

We have the choice to be in denial and risk going the way of the dinosaurs. Or we can benefit from the abundance of scientific findings and apply the power of our own consciousness to create more flow and less trauma drama in the changes already in progress.


Operating together as a united humanity, we have the ability to turn some parts of this around and to make other aspects occur with more ease. One way to take action is by working with and supporting groups around the world in their efforts to reverse/mitigate ecological destruction and to ensure human dignity. If you are moved to participate by being a social/environmental activist, now’s the time to do this with a new paradigm twist.


The new paradigm approach to social activism is to skip coming from anger, blame or the need to fight, to fix, or to be “right”. Instead, without reference to criticizing how things are, simply offer an entirely new way to approach and to solve challenging issues.

The old well-intended but combative, judgmental platform for social activism inadvertently perpetuates the same old battle mentality spawning more cycles of hostility.


The bottom line of all the information passed to us by ancient wisdom keepers and enlightened teachers are for every person to choose love over fear. It is about choosing to let go of being pissed, of blaming people, of harboring prejudice, of being victims, of judging everyone, of coping to greed and acting from the insatiable ego aspect within each of us. Important note: The ego was designed to keep us in the old fear-based paradigm. That was a perfect design then. This is a new evolutionary opportunity beyond ego.


The source of every person’s built-in higher guidance system is the human heart. The heart connects to the loving higher intelligence of the soul and the greater cosmos. The information about the key role of the heart is both scientific and metaphysical truth. The heart/soul connection bypasses the rational mind and the ego. It is the cosmic GPS system to efficiently get to a higher destination. The soul’s focus is informing what’s in our highest, greatest good as individuals, as humanity, as stewards of the Earth, and now also as galactic citizens.

You are invited to make it a daily priority to connect to the wisdom and intelligence of your heart. Quiet the mind chatter, listen to the small quiet voice inside you and trust it. Freeing yourself from the control of the ego requires being mindful of your thoughts, words, beliefs and actions. When you notice they are coming from some version of fear, change the channel! You will love what’s ours to discover when ego no longer runs the show.

Take heart (pun intended) there will also be revelations of scientific discoveries and spiritual support to further assist us. No matter what, the choice to upgrade is ours, and the time to act is now.