Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

To repair our lives, we must look beyond external circumstances and gaze inward

“Every time you create a gap in the otherwise incessant stream of thinking, your light of consciousness grows stronger.” – Eckhart Tolle

We are blessed to enjoy, to uphold and to celebrate the many external freedoms given to us by the men and women whose vision for spiritual sovereignty birthed this country. In the spirit of today’s holiday, you might begin to explore another kind of freedom, inner freedom, which upgrades our consciousness and leads to inner peace.

Even with the worldly comforts and opportunities we enjoy, many of us are still distracted by all kinds of drama and fears. Everyone has lifelong conditioning to move beyond. These include things we learned in school or at home which are no longer accurate, and from longheld beliefs and patterns which are outdated and no longer serve us.

Without inner freedom, we are bound to automatically repeat past programming for the rest of our lives. There is no real freedom or evolution in this.

The state of inner freedom moves beyond old limitations, and allows access to the higher intelligence, unconditional love and pure awareness of the soul. This upgrade is totally an inside job and does not depend on one’s circumstances, location, financial situation or any other external situation. It is an expansive inner state of being which allows us to remain calm and clear no matter what else is going on.

To quiet the mind’s incessant thinking, judging and lack of focus is the beginning of inner freedom. That allows us to become a joyful, conscious, caring, clear thinking and fully sovereign being. Here are a half dozen proven practices to master inner freedom. As always, it is best to choose the one(s) you will actually do.

  • Learn to meditate and discover that there are both passive (sitting) forms of meditation and active ones. Meditation stills and focuses the mind. The benefits to all levels of well-being have been known for thousands of years, are documented by science, and only take minutes a day.
  • Practice emotional detachment by looking at life as if you are an objective journalist who does not judge or take things personally. In this state, you continue to care, and you can look at events from a neutral viewpoint, without the need to take sides. When you experience inner freedom, problems and difficulties will still be there, and you’ll have the inner peace and mental clarity to deal effectively with whatever presents itself.
  • Choose to eat organic foods as consistently as possible to prepare your body to calibrate to higher frequencies of energy and consciousness. At this point, no food is completely free of pollutants, and the best we have is what is grown with love and without toxic chemicals. After all, higher states of consciousness require a clear physical vessel.
  • Work with a therapist to heal old wounds and let go of outdated thought patterns so you can be self-aware and able to live in the present. There are many different kinds of therapy and not all of them involve talking. The past is over and the future is not here yet, so the present is where the action is.
  • Develop and trust your intuition. We are all wired to know more than what our five senses are able to perceive. Intuition bypasses the mind and is the gift to know things instantly, accurately and directly. The more quiet the mind, the more intuitive knowing reaches conscious awareness and can guide your life.
  • Choose to take the emotional high road as consistently as possible by practicing gratitude, compassion and forgiveness toward yourself and others, all of which open the heart. An open heart is the direct connection to the wisdom of the soul. The soul plugs us into the cosmic internet and the server of all servers: Source.

I leave you with this quote from Thomas Paine, who spoke of valuing his intuition and helped Thomas Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence. “I have two distinct classes of thought—those by reflection and those that bolt into my mind of their own accord. I always make it rule to treat these voluntary visitors with civility because it is really from them that I have acquired all the knowledge I have.”