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How to communicate with your canine; mysteries of the moon and more tips on creating your own reality.

Just like many humans, dogs think in pictures. Try this with your pet if you'd like to practice communicating without words or hand signals. Form a mental picture of what you'd like them to do, look at the animal and direct the image toward them (hit "send" in your mind). As they receive your "photo message" you'll notice the perk of an ear or an attentive expression.

Dogs especially like to know what you are about to do and when you are going somewhere. You can practice sending a mental picture of explanation before you even tie your shoes or give other cues they are likely to recognize. Knowing what you are up to helps them, especially if they tend to experience separation anxiety.

A few more amazing dog facts: Dogs have 300 million olfactory receptors; we have only five million. They take in scent continuously, even as they exhale and are able to tell who, what, when, where, how, which way and what next... all from scent.

Anomalies of our moon

The actual age of our moon, how it got here, whether it has been previously inhabited and what might lie beneath its surface are all up for review. Here is some lesser-known evidence for new possibilities about the nature of our moon. If you are curious to learn more, a treasure trove of information awaits you on the internet.
  • Analysis of moon rocks and moon dust reveal the moon may be considerably older than the Earth, maybe even a billion years older.
  • Two former moon origin theories have been disproven. The moon was not formerly a chunk of the earth, and it is too large to have been captured by the earth without mutual catastrophic destruction.
  • Ancient Greek and Roman philosophers, Tibetan texts, and ancient symbols found in South America refer to ancient civilizations that lived here before the moon was in our night sky.
  • Our spacecraft has observed hundreds of anomalous lights from inside the moon.
  • Huge towers, rectangular structures, potential entrances to the inner moon, and UFOs have also been seen and photographed on various NASA missions. Scientists who have examined these photos conclude these cannot be natural phenomena.
  • Many indications point to a hollow moon. When the moon's surface has been struck by parts of our lunar modules (Apollos 12 and 13), the moon rang like a bell for three hours to a depth of 25 miles. The same reverberations happened and lasted longer on other missions.
  • Decades ago, Carl Sagan suggested that the moon might be hollow. He added that a natural satellite couldn't be hollow.

The difference between intentions and goals

Many of you have asked me to clarify this. Hopefully this is helpful.

Intentions are stated in the present tense as if what you desire is happening right now. Here is an example, "I am healthy in body, mind and spirit."

This describes the state of being which correlates to how you want to feel/be when living from your inner values, passions and purpose. The power of the intention statement is to activate and attract the energy frequencies matching your request. It is most effective to repeat your intention every day.

Goals focus on the future and relate to the specific measurable steps, which will add up to achieving the intention we want. Here are some examples of goals related to achieving the intention statement, "I am healthy in body, mind and spirit." Goals: change to an organic diet, go for a run daily, learn meditation, get eight hours of sleep.

Have fun combining your intentions with practical goals to make them real and lasting. PJH