Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

A cosmic perspective on our living planet.

Design coherence

The famous and often repeated wisdom, "as above, so below," has its origins in ancient Greek history. The meaning is that what's true in the design of largest elements of creation (the macrocosm) is also reflected on a smaller scale throughout the cosmos (the microcosm). The same design coherence goes both ways, from the tiniest structures to the largest, from subatomic particles to galaxies and beyond.

A living sentient being

With the awareness of the macro-micro design of creation, indigenous cultures, global wisdom traditions, philosophers and now some scientists consider the Earth to be a living, breathing, and sentient organism. Like a human body, the Earth (referred to as Gaia after the Greek goddess who embodied the Earth) is an intelligent, self-regulating interactive system that maintains conditions necessary for its own survival, and for the survival of life on and in her.

Noted scientists Carl Sagan and James Lovelock co-authored a paper in the 1970s exploring the idea of the planet as a conscious, intelligent being. One fact their paper highlighted is that the luminosity of the sun has increased more than 30 percent over the four-plus billion years Earth has been here. The implication is that the entire Earth should have been a totally frozen planet early on. But it never was. Just as we are intelligently designed to maintain a consistent internal temperature over the course of our life span, the planet also maintains its homeostasis, and prevails.

Does the Earth have a soul?

We have physical bodies through which our souls can experience life in this physical Earth reality. The design coherence of the "as above, so below" principle, begs some important mind-expanding questions. Does the Earth also have a soul, in which it can experience itself through the planetary body? And like our soul, does the planet's soul also link into the same universal energy continuum?

Though not yet validated, scientifically, metaphysicians throughout the ages hold that the Earth does have a soul. Its properties are analogous to, and yet different from those of a single human soul. In the big picture (and perhaps one day to be proven by science) it is considered that the special frequency of the Earth's soul, and the physical reality it has created, is what draws all of our souls to this planet. Our souls are connected to the soul of the Earth and to the greater cosmos.

Humanity's intended role

From this big picture metaphysical perspective, this Earth was created so that nature would provide everything necessary for all its inhabitants to thrive and to evolve. As part of the privilege of participating in life here, we were given the honor to play an important role in the wellbeing of the planet. We were to serve as loving stewards of the living planet. This steward can be thought of as an overseer who makes sure the higher order, best interests, and integrity of the planet are maintained.

Ancient wisdom teachings now supported by scientific research explain why and how we are equipped to fulfill such an important function.

All life is one interconnected living matrix. (Whether or not we like or believe this is not a determining factor to that fact.)

The quality of our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotional states, and actions directly affect the entire matrix of life here.

Only heart-centered states of being-including compassion, kindness, collaboration, unity, love, and actions contributing to the greater good of all-carry the energy frequencies, which sustain and continuously upgrade our own wellbeing (body, mind, and spirit) and that of Gaia.

Conversely, all expressions of negativity vibrate at a lower frequency, which tears us down as individuals and as a collective, and disconnect us from being in alignment with our integral role supporting the highest destiny for the planet and all of its inhabitants.

High stakes

The combination of our continuing destruction of planetary ecosystems and the low frequency level of our collective fear-based consciousness is rapidly separating us from Gaia and from our intended role as stewards. Regardless of how it may appear on the surface, the Earth is rapidly evolving. And she will continue to do this with or without us.

Free will and a positive choice

The Earth, and all of us on it, does not have to transition to a higher state of being via catastrophic geological events and human atrocities. We now know the energy of everything we think and do affects the matrix. We know that operating from the heart is the only way to elevate us to the consciousness level to accompany the Earth as she moves forward on her own soul path. We know that embodying loving states of being and doing contribute positively to the unprecedented opportunity to take a quantum leap for humanity and for the Earth.

Ultimately, we have the gift of freewill. Individually and collectively, we have a big choice in front of us. In this critical timing, it's important to remember that our human consciousness is very powerful, and every heart matters. PJH