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Enjoy some mind-expanding movies tonight

People often ask me to suggest movies with thought-provoking, mind-expanding themes along the lines of what I share in my "Cosmic Café" columns. Movie time beckons as the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are cooler. Get cozy, make a bowl of organic, non-GMO popcorn and enjoy these films to expand your awareness of what?s possible and how we can evolve.


"What the Bleep Do We Know?" (2004)

This film takes you into the world of the latest scientific discoveries about the power of human consciousness. We are shown the interconnectedness of all life with ample demonstrations from renowned scientists proving everything in creation is alive and interconnected, and reality is changed by our every thought.

"The Shift" (2014)

The film reveals more of what?s going on here and in the cosmos. It's based on breakthroughs in how we experience reality, access our true potential, and the future of humanity if we actively co-create a new paradigm.

"I Am" (2011)

Armed with nothing but his innate curiosity and a small crew to film his adventures, Tom Shadyac (previously known for being the comedic force behind many Hollywood films) sets out on a 21st century quest for enlightenment.

True Stories

"Peaceful Warrior" (2006)

Starring Nick Nolte this film is based on the book "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior" by Dan Millman, which is loosely based on events in the author's life. This is the journey of an athlete who shifts from the need to win to the need to wake up.

"Fire in the Sky" (1993)

This is based on the true story of Travis Walton?s life-changing alien abduction experience. Robert Lieberman directs.

"Conversations With God" (2006)

Witness the true story of spiritual teacher and best-selling author Neale Donald Walsche, who began life homeless. Stephen Simon directs.

"Indigo" (2005)

A film about the new generation children with highly advanced spiritual gifts.

"Kundun" (1997)

Directed by Martin Scorsese, this movie is about how, as a child, the new Dali Lama is chosen based on memory of his past incarnations. It also shows his subsequent training and life challenges of Tibet's 14th Dalai Lama.


"Powder" (1995)

This is not a ski movie! A young boy with unique extrasensory powers shakes up and wakes up the rural community he lives in.

"2001: A Space Odyssey" (1968)

Directed by Stanley Kubrik, this movie is about the discovery of an alien artifact on the moon and the mixed blessings of artificial intelligence. This is one of those science fiction films that is increasingly feeling more like reality.

"Defending Your Life" (1991)

This film starring Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks focuses on an afterlife court that requires people to review their recent lives for acts of courage. The quality of one?s recently lived life determines each person?s next experience.

"Frequency" (2000)

An accidental radio frequency anomaly creates a time travel portal connecting a father and son across 30 years as they try to change their destiny.

"Five People You Meet in Heaven" (2004)

This TV Movie based on Mitch Albom?s book of the same name centers on the main character who encounters five people from his physical existence in the afterlife who help him understand the meaning of his life.

"Cloud Atlas" (2012)

The story of how souls reincarnate and then cross paths lifetime after lifetime, this film stars Tom Hanks and Halle Berry. Though a bit too violent for my taste, the movie?s concept is accurate.

"The Celestine Prophecy" (2006)

This movie is an adaptation of James Redfield's novel. It's about a young man?s journey of spiritual awakening as events compel him to travel to Peru where he discovers and reveals ancient, lost teachings. PJH