Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

“Through their energy, actions and simply being here, these children are empowering the growth and evolution of us all.” ~ unknown

Every generation ushers in remarkable souls who will introduce new perspectives, wisdom, love and talents to our world. In recent years, the consensus among teachers, parents, psychologists and other professionals who work with and study children is that we are continuing to experience the arrival of waves of children who are very evolved. In ever-increasing numbers, kids are arriving with exceptionally deep wisdom and fully developed talents. They are given names like Indigo Children, Starseeds and Crystal Children. More important than the labels is that they are here at this time in our history to help us evolve.

All children are extraordinary, beautiful beings. What is different about these souls is they are born fully awake, meaning they are consciously able to access the library of wisdom, experiences and skills in their souls right from birth. They are eager … actually impatient and in a hurry … to contribute as soon as possible what they already know…for our awakening. They embody a more evolved human, and are here to inspire us by modeling what’s possible for everyone.


Many of these young children express scientific genius, including knowledge of advanced physics and metaphysics. Some have extraordinary artistic talents way beyond their years; others are gifted healers who can accurately diagnose and cure illnesses. Some can predict the future and/or are telepathic. Many are literally angel-like in the pure love they emanate along with their compassion for the human experience and depth of understanding of the human psyche. In case you are wondering, all of this is very evident by the ripe old age of 4, 5 or 6, if not earlier.


These children require us to let go of outdated conventional ideas of how old someone must be before they can offer their talents and contributions to the world. We always say children are our teachers. Now we are living in accelerated times. Theirs is a welcome invitation to evolve. In a time when humanity is facing the unprecedented opportunity to evolve our consciousness and co-create a new global paradigm, or to self-destruct, we can be certain these children are here among those here to help us upgrade.


As parents, family members, friends and teachers we are called to be the generation adults who recognize and validate these children are messengers. Our open minds and hearts can smooth the way for them to make a difference without having to wait till they are “grown up.” We also will learn to balance the fact that along with their higher purpose and evolved consciousness, they are still kids who need to enjoy being children and to benefit from our guidance.

Here is a short list of 10 common characteristics of children who are here to lead us to a new paradigm. Regardless of your age, you may recognize yourself in some of these and connect some dots about why you may be here.

  • They always see better ways to do things at home and at school.
  • They are easily bored with assigned tasks.
  • They are in a hurry to get going.
  • They are highly sensitive and intuitive, intelligent and creative.
  • They have an obvious sense of self.
  • They are very perceptive about people’s character and agendas.
  • They express wisdom beyond their years.
  • They can see auras and other energies.
  • They may have clear memory of other lifetimes on earth and even elsewhere in the cosmos.
  • They are frustrated by rigid or outdated ideas and rules, which discourage exploring new possibilities.


The world is full of people of all ages whose souls are here to anchor a higher consciousness in support of an upgraded paradigm for the Earth. There have always been souls, our souls among them right now, who are here to embody and to catalyze the fullest potentials waiting to be activated in our DNA.


If the list of characteristics made you curious for insight into what your soul is here to express, take some quiet time to recall your favorite childhood interests. Those early passions and curiosities contain insight into what’s essential to your soul. Remember also that the open, curious, creative, imaginative, non-judgmental and loving child you once were is still within you. Invite those child-like attributes to come forward again to join your adult self. The blend will add more light to the world.