Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Exploring our paths in past lives.

When you begin to explore the idea of reincarnation and who you might have been in a past life, it's tantalizing to wonder if you were an important figure in history. But, hundreds of people have not all been King Arthur, Joan of Arc, Cleopatra, Alexander the Great or royalty in another life. Most of us were important to those we knew and loved in our past lives, but we will not find ourselves in the history books. For each noted person of the past, there is only one person with that soul.

Important clues

Even if you are not the same soul as Mr./Mrs. Once Famous, it is important to pay attention to the affinity you sense for certain figures in history. The fact that you in some way identify with them is worth exploring. You are recognizing a real spiritual connection to the principles exemplified by that person's life. The values, principles, patterns and circumstances of their lives, what they stood for and accomplished are important indicators of things that matter deeply to your soul. These are positive attributes that you also have and are intending to more fully develop in your life now.

True example

I know a man who really is the current version (the reincarnation) of a man you could look up and find in the history books. In that famous past lifetime he made significant contributions to his profession, and along the way had become very egotistical, selfish and arrogant. He carries over to this life the same intelligence and the desire to make a difference. This time around his personal challenge is about letting go of the old, ego-driven behaviors in order to evolve and humbly offer his talent to the world. Not surprisingly, he struggles with feeling disappointed that people do not recognize him or cater to him in this life now. His friends find this amusing; he doesn't. He is gradually recognizing that being a kinder, more humble person actually adds to the impact of his contributions to society.

Psychic readings

If you have already enjoyed or are considering going to a psychic to learn about your past lives, it is wise to be a savvy consumer. If that person tells you that you were a priest in an ancient temple, or a famous French artist, or a Roman gladiator, or whatever, it has to ring true to you (not to your ego) for it to be valid. When your soul recognizes and resonates with truth, it will evoke recognition mentally (the, "no wonder I ..." insight), and/or emotionally (tears of joy, sadness or relief), and/or some body sensation (like shivers or heat), which lets you know. Do not simply take someone's word for it. You might have to reflect on the information, and it must make sense to you by adding to your understanding of who you are right now.

In the big picture, lifetimes of fame and lifetimes of anonymity are all equally important. Every life and the circumstances in it are designed to provide opportunities to evolve to a higher spiritual understanding of who you are and lead you to embody your soul's fullest potential. PJH