Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

If you could know anything, what would that be? Have you ever considered asking yourself to receive the answer in a dream? Is there a problem you’ve been struggling to solve? It is possible to ask yourself to dream the most elegant solution. Whether what you’d like to know is simple or complex, mundane or spiritual, your dreaming self is a proven resource for incredible inspiration and insight.

The dream state allows us to download information from other realities and from the wealth of information in our subconscious, neither of which are readily accessible in the waking state. There are examples from Thomas Jefferson to Jules Verne, and Beethoven to Paul McCartney, who each received in dreams the inspiration for their respective writing and musical compositions.

Inventions that came from dreams

The Periodic Table

Dmitry Mendeleyev was working for three days straight when he finally gave in and fell asleep. In his own words Mendeleyev said, “I saw in a dream a table where all the elements fell into place as required. Awakening, I immediately wrote it down on a piece of paper … Only in one place did a correction later seem necessary.”

Jack Nicklaus’ Golf Swing

Nicklaus was perplexed why his game was off, when he had a dream in which he was truly on top of his game. After reviewing the dream, Nicklaus realized he was gripping the club differently in the dream than he did in real life. In his own words, “I tried it the way I did in my dream and it worked… it really happened in a dream.”

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity

When Albert Einstein was a teenager he had an elaborate dream in which he was walking through a farm. He came upon a bunch of cows huddled up against an electric fence. In the dream, the farmer suddenly switched the fence on, and Einstein witnessed all the cows jump back at the same time as they were shocked. Still in the dream, Einstein told the farmer that he just saw all the cows jumping back at the same time when. The farmer had been standing at the opposite end of the field and told Einstein he saw it differently. The farmer had seen the cows jump away one by one.

Einstein woke up totally intrigued by the dream. Thinking deeply about the dream, he started to put together the idea that events look different depending on where you’re standing because of the time it takes the light to reach your eyes. This was the inspiration for his theory of relativity.

Dream weavers

These true stories are a reminder that dreams are a way to expand what we know, what we can create, solve, invent, and discover. Here is one among many ways to set the stage for dreaming practical answers and creative solutions to whatever is on your mind.

Last thing before you fall asleep, ask yourself to have a dream revealing the answer to something you’ve been wanting to know. Be sure to make the request specific. Example: “I am asking for a dream to reveal to me why I am stuck in my life.” And then tell yourself that you will remember a significant dream on awakening.

First thing as you awaken, before turning on a light, talking or thinking about your day, lie in bed with your eyes closed and ask to recall your dreams. Sometimes this is immediate. Sometimes an event during the day or something random another person says will trigger the memory of an important dream.

Trouble remembering dreams? Ask your mind to make sure the dream is impossible for you to forget. Here’s a personal example. I once did this kind of dream request, and woke up in the middle of the night needing to go to the bathroom. At first I was annoyed as middle of the night bathroom trips are rare for me, until I realized I had just had the dream I was asking for.

Working with your dreams takes practice, and we all dream as we sleep. Be patient. Be curious. Be inspired! Happy adventures in consciousness.