Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

“You are what what you eat eats.” – Michael Pollan

Food, like all matter, is frequency, energy and information. Everything we eat and drink is communicating specific instructions to our cells. The quality of the energy in the food determines what it is capable of delivering to the body. We are literally constructing our body every day. Manifesting more of our higher consciousness into this physical reality requires a body operating at a high vibration. The bottom line value of food is in the energy and information it contains.

When it comes to the vibration of food, we may not be aware that what happens to the food from its inception to our plates has a lasting impact on the quality of its energy, nutritional value and what it is able to communicate for our well-being. As noted nutritionist and author Marc David points out, “Every experience in the life cycle of a given food is encoded within (that food) as energy.”



It is not news that love is the highest frequency, energy and vibration. Science has proven food and water respond to our consciousness and vice versa. Fortunately, even when we cannot control how food is grown and/or processed, a caring intervention at any stage of the journey from seed to table has the power to upgrade the frequency of food.

Every living thing requires loving energy, care and respect in order to express its fullest potential. Putting more heart into how we grow, create, prepare, share and eat food is how our food can deliver the full beauty, the complete wellbeing and the higher consciousness it is designed to offer.


Food is alive, has intelligence and like all living things, it responds to its environment as it develops. Every step of its journey, from how food is grown, handled, transported, manufactured, cooked, served and the conditions under which it is eaten, all influence the quality of information the food is capable of offering our cells.

For the sake of example, consider the journey of a conventional ear of corn. If its seeds have been tampered with, the connection to its true design is compromised. If it is grown in depleted soil; it cannot manifest its full nutrient value. If it is given chemicals to compensate, the toxicity in the chemicals becomes part of the composition and frequency of the corn. Further, if unhappy people are tending the fields, those energies are also incorporated into the produce. If it is then thrown into trucks, traveling long distances and/or subjected to factory processing … You get the picture.

Even the mood of the people who prepare and serve food contribute yet another dose of positive or negative energy. We are the recipients of the layers of energy and their biochemical effects in what we eat. Regardless of the kind of diet you prefer, it is always best to choose the highest quality. The optimal choice, though even this is not perfect, are locally grown, organic, non–GMO products.



No matter what energies your food has absorbed along the way to your plate, you can improve its vibration before you eat it. This is the wisdom, which underlies the universal practice of expressing gratitude before eating. Scientific experiments have proven that the quality of our thoughts, words, energy and intentions influence changes in matter. Our consciousness is that powerful, and heart felt gratitude upgrades the vibration of our food.

One simple, effective way of sharing gratitude is to first focus your awareness in your heart and then placing your open palms over your food, send loving energy from your heart through your hands to what is on your plate. It will also taste better.


Additional studies have shown that taking pleasure in the food we are eating sets up the digestive system to more effectively process the nutrients and to make better use of the calories. Slowing down and eating mindfully is another infusion of positive energy to our food and therefore to our wellbeing. By the way, positive energy is also broadcast to our food from our eyes when we light up with joy at how wonderful our food looks and smells.


In the spirit of uplifting the world, one more by-product of upgrading our health and our level of consciousness is that we then are radiating positive energy into the matrix of all life. Since all energies are contagious, make your contribution a more loving high frequency.