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Why some spirits tend to persist on earth.

These gifted people who can interact with ghosts are not really busting ghosts - they are helping ghosts get unstuck. Ghostbusters are able to help deceased people whose emotional bodies are still clinging to the earth to move on and integrate with the rest of their soul.

Ghosts are actually people no longer alive who are still projecting an aspect of their former selves to this earth's reality. They can appear as the image of the full person, as a transparent energy image or as a misty presence. Ghosts appear; they do not throw or move objects around or intend to cause damage. (Those raucous types are poltergeists, a good topic for another time.) Though ghosts can be startling or frightening to us, they are not intending any harm.

What they want

Usually the reason the energy of a person's emotional body (we all have mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energy bodies) is still hanging around after a person has passed is because they have a compelling need to communicate the truth of how they died. This happens most often when foul play or injustice is related to the circumstances of their death. They are stuck wanting to have a living person bear witness to what really went down, and then they can let go and move on.

Where they appear

Ghost sightings are linked with specific places where that person or persons lived or died. It's no wonder that battlefields are notorious for ghost sightings - so many young people's lives were cut short suddenly and violently. Old prisons where inmates were cruelly treated, and former hospitals where lives ended too soon, are often haunted, too. Private houses are also likely to have a ghost if a previous occupant was abused or murdered. When a present day house happens to be built on the site of an ancient massacre, ghosts, who have nothing to do with the house itself, may present themselves.

There are also ghosts who appear happy, whose lives did not end traumatically. They continue to haunt a favorite or important location from their prior life, to which they are still overly attached. Psychics can learn from them what they need to complete that will allow them to fully leave this earthly reality and catch up with the rest of their soul.

How to help

A ghost can hang around for centuries wanting to communicate their truth to someone living. And ghosts can be super stubborn and hang around over and over until they can let go. If you have experienced a ghost and would like to know how to help release them from this reality, there are resources you can find online with abundant sage advice and instruction.

Science fact

The human eye can only detect visible light, which constitutes less than one millionth of one percent of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. This is always another humbling reminder to remain curious and to keep an open mind when it comes to considering realities beyond our limited physical perception. PJH