Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

"It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."
- Charles Darwin

A majority of the world's religions and indigenous wisdom traditions foretold the chaotic events happening in our times. These upheavals were never considered to do us in; rather, they would be a necessary purging in order to usher in a new, upgraded expression for the Earth and her inhabitants.

The evolutionary opportunity in front of us is about an entirely upgraded global platform, based on possibilities for thriving which can only unfold by creating a collective reality that is no longer polarized. This accelerated shift is happening now, and is often referred to as the New Paradigm, the New Earth, the New Human, and/or the Ascension. Scientists, mystics, and folks all over the world are noticing and experiencing evidence of this process.

Letting go

Evolutionary times always require resilience, which includes letting go of things which no longer serve, are no longer working, and are fast becoming obsolete. This holds true for outdated beliefs, institutions, disciplines, policies, lifestyle choices, scientific theories and more. The transition to the new Earth requires personal and collective shifts from fear-based and polarized states of being to integrated, inclusive, collaborative, heart-centered states of being. Making this leap means there are a lot of old polarizing patterns up for release. And there are new states of consciousness to embrace. This shift is not about "a new chapter;" it is an entirely new book.

Prerequisite No. 1

One prerequisite for this evolutionary leap is that long held personal, cultural, religious, national and global negativity have to be exposed, acknowledged and forgiven in order to clean the slate and release these ills forever. This requirement may explain why the largely repressed dark side of our collective human nature is in our faces right now, and is up for release on a global scale.

This big picture perspective does not condone, support or excuse the tragic events happening in the world right now. But this view does offer insight and awareness that there is major evolutionary house cleaning in progress.

Everyone matters

Violence is not the only way to bring in a new paradigm. All of us have an important role to play if we'd like this shift to occur with more grace and ease. Keep in mind that every world tradition teaches to choose love over fear. It's our turn to do just that.

Every person has the choice to clear out our own negative beliefs, attitudes and actions. No one is immune from being less than loving. Letting go of this old stuff is so powerful that it will directly mitigate the severity of the "purge," allowing the entire upgrade to occur more gently.

If you feel called to be part of the "planetary transition team," it's time to let go of your old biases, negative thinking, emotional wounds, personal "war" stories, old identities, and whatever overt and covert judgments you harbor. There is no more looking in the rear view mirror to go forward.

Prerequisite No. 2

The second prerequisite as you retire from the ego driven life, is to now live from the directives of your open human heart. The heart connects us to the soul, and then to the higher intelligence, guidance and unconditional love of Creation. With the heart and soul in the driver's seat of our lives, we embark with the Earth on a new and higher destiny.

Heaven on earth

It is not an accident that we are alive at this time in history. We are given this unprecedented opportunity to contribute our consciousness to help set the stage for an entirely new basis for life on earth. This evolutionary leap is what co-creating Heaven on Earth means. If you'd like resources for upgrading your consciousness, please email me at the address below. PJH