Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Your belly is an intelligent guidance system that knows what's good for it.

The advice to trust your gut is more than folk wisdom. Sometimes an idea or decision looks great on paper but does not feel right in your gut. And sometimes an idea or decision feels right in the gut though it does not look promising on paper. The gut is a valuable, intelligent guidance system especially because it bypasses the mind. The body does not lie. The mind, on the other hand, can make up a reason to justify anything.

When it comes to food (or any other choice you are about to make), consider consulting your body for the instant feedback it will give you on what is true and in your highest good in that moment. The challenge, of course, is to then follow your own body's intelligence.

Here's some science from the Institute for Psychology of Eating that validates the intelligence of the gut. "The enteric nervous system is the separate yet interconnected nervous system located in your digestive organs. It contains at least as many nerve cells as there are in your spinal cord. The implication is that there is a ton of intelligence in your gut."

Best digestives

Preparing food with love and gratitude, serving it with love and gratitude, and feeling love and gratitude for the food you are eating make the nourishment in the food easier to digest and assimilate. Those feelings turn on the parasympathetic nervous system (a relaxation response), which sets the stage for nature's most effective digestion and extraction of nutrients, adding to the all-around pleasure of food.

Also consider the intuitive knowing and the scientific understanding that everything is energy, frequency and vibration. The energy and vibration of heartfelt love and gratitude uplift and expand what's possible for the highest functioning of the body, the mind and the spirit. Perhaps experiment with pausing before you eat and feeling authentic appreciation for your food in your heart. Notice what happens.

Organic versus conventional food

The toxic load from chemicals used to grow and process conventional food is no friend to our health or overall well-being. Nothing in our world at this point is toxin free, but organically grown food is grown without man-made chemical additions to the soil or to the produce. When it comes to meat and dairy, organic means the animals have been fed organic food, which is not laced with preservatives. It makes a lot of sense that happy, healthy animals equal healthier food. Objectively organic food boasts significantly more nutritional value. Subjectively it tastes better.

Here's an inspiring news flash: The Danish government has announced it will convert the entire country's public and private agriculture into organic and sustainable farming. Denmark will become the world's first organic country.

A cosmic and hopeful thought

We know that when we feed the body the right nutrients, it self-heals.

When we collectively feed love into the world by treating the planet and all her inhabitants with love, everything will self-heal and upgrade. PJH