Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

"Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor."
- Rumi

Birthdays are the only holiday all your own. Even if you are a twin, each person has their unique soul, and twins are not born at exactly the same time. From a metaphysical perspective birthdays have special significance.

Your first breaths initiate your independent life and many aspects of the blueprint for this journey. The soul will fully link with the body during the first three days. The soul/body link-up infuses you with patterns from the records of the soul, which are relevant to this life. These include soulful gifts, talents and skills you intend to further develop, plus challenges you intend to resolve this time around.

In addition, the date, time, longitude and latitude of your birth form an energetic map of the stellar geometries and light codes making up your astrological chart-another piece of software which can be interpreted in support of your soulful potentials and possibilities in this life.

You are in charge

Keep in mind you are always in charge of every large and small choice in your life. You and your free will choices make any of your soul's potentials into actual reality. This includes making lemonade when life hands you lemons. The intersection of what you are given and what you choose to do with it makes all the difference. Always strive to be the hero/heroine of your own life story.

The yearly reminder

Every year as your birthday approaches, you experience a largely unconscious reminder of what you are intending to develop in yourself and what you are intending to grow beyond. So there is an automatic internal reckoning, a sort of accounting, of how you are doing in relation to your own intended higher purpose. With all that is going on under the surface of the birthday party, presents, cake and ice cream, birthdays are often both fun and challenging times.

Researchers have noted that both kids and adults often get physically ill, and/or are extra sensitive emotionally or even feel inexplicably down around the time of their birthday. These symptoms are reflections of myriad factors, including current life circumstances, family dynamics and how you are doing thus far on your journey.

Note: If you are willing to consider that everything in your life is trying to get you on your best path and live your best life, then you have a new way to let yourself feel whatever's going on; remember to look for and capitalize on the silver linings in things that are less than happy.

Higher purpose (and cake)

The higher purpose of marking this birthday anniversary is to recalibrate to the higher soulful possibilities for your life. There is a cosmic opening uniquely available to you on that special day every year. You can hit the reset button to be your full magnificence, and to upgrade any aspect of your life you choose. If you would like counseling to accomplish this, therapy, having a soul reading, and your astrological chart explained are all paths to insight and course corrections. Combining all three can super charge your evolution.

Positive intentions, supported by real time actions, set forth on your birthday can provide the momentum to make every year the best one yet.

From now on, along with yummy birthday cake, you can celebrate consciously aligning to and living your higher purpose. PJH