Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

According to Native prophecies, the world faces one last chance.

On a cloudless day here in the Tetons, I sat with Native American elder David Bearclaw Abrams talking about the Hopi Indian Prophecies for the 21st century. These have been kept secret for millennia until recently, when the elders of many tribes authorized sharing the information with the world because right now time is of the essence.

The Native American peoples have a long-standing tradition of accurate prophecy. David asked me to help him share these Native American prophecies for our times. His eyes got misty as he talked about how urgent it is to love, honor and respect one another, all forms of life, and our living Earth.

The Positive Role of Prophecy

The constructive intent of prophetic information (from any of the world's wisdom traditions) is to remind us that we always have direct influence on our collective destiny. Prophecy puts us on notice that negative trends in our collective behaviors, if left unchecked, will inevitably create irreversible tragic events.

Ancient Hopi Tablets

Hopi teachings say that at the beginning of this World Cycle, each of the four races was given two tablets encoded with simple instructions on how to live in alignment with the laws of the Great Spirit. The tablets also described specific warnings of what would occur if humanity violated the instructions and did not choose the Path of Peace.


Along with the two tablets, each race was given a specific gift of guardianship, which was theirs to master, to share with everyone on Earth, and to keep aligned to the Path of Peace for the duration of this world cycle.

The Red People were given guardianship of the Earth, and instructed to learn the secrets of food and healing from the abundance of the Earth.

The Yellow People were blessed with guardianship of the air. They were charged with understanding the sky (cosmos) and the breath, and how to apply this for health and spiritual advancement.

The Black People were given responsibility for the water element—considered the most humble and the most powerful. They were to learn the many vital secrets of water and bring those to humanity.

White People were given guardianship and safekeeping of fire. The spark of white man's fire is found within every aspect of technology. When aligned with the Path of Peace, fire moves, catalyzes, and facilitates transformation.

The original intent was for all races to live by the directives in the tablets in every generation. If followed, there would be a time in the future, in the 21st century, when all of the races would come together in peace. Then they would combine all their knowledge, and all the tablets would be joined together. Global unity and collaboration would create a great and more highly evolved civilization on the Earth.

Clear Warnings and Call to Action

The races were told to never "cast these tablets on the ground," for if any of the brothers or sisters did this, there would not only be hard times but eventually the life of the Earth would be in peril.

It was foretold that many people would forget the high road. The Great Spirit would have to shake the Earth at three different periods in history when too many people strayed into greed, self-interest, and disconnection from the heart's Path of Peace. World Wars I and II have already been confirmed as two of the three predicted shakings of the Earth.

They added that each time there would be the chance to realign by honoring the Earth, all life on Earth and all of creation. However, eventually, there would be a "Time of Purification;" one last brief opportunity for every person on the Earth to return to the Path of Heart before the door would close, and the third and final shaking-the purification of the entire Earth-would occur.

Where We Are Now

David Bearclaw Adams spoke in a very soft and matter of fact tone when asked where we stand in relation to the Prophecies. He and other Native American Elders concur we have entered the period of the third and final shaking of the Earth.

Claim Your Power

The Native American Elders, along with many other ancient and current wisdom teachings of the world, implore us now to return to a global heart centered Path of Peace if we want to shift and/or mitigate the negative outcomes of the "snowball rapidly rolling down the mountain."

Every single person who consciously practices loving kindness, and does not cop to fear, contributes to the tipping point necessary to upgrade the destiny of our species and our Earth. We don't have to be spiritual Olympians, saints or world leaders to accomplish this. We do have to "get it," "own it" and "practice it." Our consciousness is that powerful.

Awesome Outcome

What is foretold in the Hopi Prophecies is the highest and greatest abilities that we have in our human blueprint will be released to us when we make this evolutionary shift to a collective heart-centered consciousness. The Native American expression "Mitakuye Oyasin" translates as "We are all related." Science concurs. PJH