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Recent discoveries point to untold history

The earth is disclosing more of her past. She is providing archaeologists with the physical evidence that ancient legends about giants, ETs and hobbits are based on fact. These findings are like discovering relatives you never knew existed and learning new family history.

Giants of Earth

Legends from South America, England and Africa, those of Native American origin and in the Bible describe a time when god-like giants roamed the earth. These stories seemed improbable until archaeologists found complete skeletons of giant humans on almost every continent. Examples include:

* South Africa: A human giant’s footprint measuring more than five feet in length was found embedded in a granite outcropping millions of years old.

* USA: Ancient skeletons of giant humans 16-feet tall have been found in California, Ohio, Wisconsin and Texas.

* Mexico: Dozens of 14-feet tall skeletons have been excavated

* Antarctica: Insiders report frozen remains uncovered of human-like giants who stood 33-feet tall.

Ancient Humans

When pharaohs and their royal family members are depicted in ancient Egyptian art, they all have oddly elongated skulls. Was this a genetic anomaly, the practice of binding a child’s skull, or artistic imagination?

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of an ancient human-like race with large, elongated skulls. International scientific teams concur the skulls are neither genetic anomalies nor the result of binding. Their cranium capacity is 25 percent larger than ours and the bone 60 percent heavier.

Genetic research indicates their mitochondrial DNA is different from any human, primate or animal.

This was likely a human-like race which did not originate on earth, lived here till about 2,000 years ago and might have mixed its genetics with local humans. Keep in mind that the pharaohs claimed to be direct descendants of the “gods” who came to earth.

Nazca Mummies and Tiny Human Remains

Beings with only three long fingers and three long toes are depicted among ancient petroglyphs, rock paintings and ancient textile motifs in South America. In June 2017, a curious discovery offered insight about these images.

Four totally preserved human-like mummified bodies had been found in Nazca, Peru. These mummies, covered in white powdery diatomaceous earth, have slightly elongated skulls, tiny slit mouths and nostrils, very large eye sockets and long thin arms with three long digits on each hand and on each foot.

Five countries are performing DNA testing on the decomposed tissue beneath the white pigment.

Now remember the time-honored stories from many cultures about hobbits who were their own fully functional diminutive race of people? Scientists have discovered skeletons of a hobbit-like species who grew no taller than a two-year-old of today. They possessed grapefruit-sized skulls, weighed about 50 pounds and lived on the island of Flores east of Bali from about 95,000 to 13,000 years ago. They were their own species, not dwarfs or pygmies.

Challenging Evolution

In his book, Human By Design, scientist and author Gregg Braden shares peer-reviewed science that anatomically modern humans are not the product of eons of slow evolution. Rather, we suddenly appeared about 200,000 years ago as the result of some specific, intentional genetic manipulation.

I encourage you to read Braden’s book and learn more about our rapidly expanding story.