Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Lessons and insights from Earth’s southernmost continent

As the Antarctic ice sheet melts, the Earth is revealing some extraordinary chapters of our history. Hundreds of scientists from around the world have been excavating the shrinking ice cap. They have reportedly found tablets that describe lost chapters of the history of Earth, the moon and Mars. It is said that the remains of an extra-terrestrial mothership have also been discovered with well-preserved bodies of giant humans who stood 33 feet tall.

On the other side of the height spectrum, 600-million-year-old fossils of tiny humans have also been discovered there. These finds and more will likely continue to emerge rewriting human history and pushing back the settlement of our planet by intelligent beings millions of years. Stay tuned and stay resilient.

Suppressing Judgment

One of the best ways to practice letting go of proclivities to judge comes from a teaching by Ram Dass, former Harvard professor, spiritual teacher and world-renowned author of Be Here Now. Here is his teaching.

“When you go into the woods and you look at trees, you see all these different trees. Some are bent, some are straight, and there are all kinds of trees. And you look at the trees and you allow it. You may see why a given tree is like it is, you sort of understand that if it didn’t get enough light it grew in a particular way. And you don’t get all emotional about it; you just allow it. You simply appreciate the trees.

“The minute you get near people, you lose all that, and you are constantly saying about them they are too this or that, or they are not enough this or that. You say the same things about yourself. The judging ego mind comes in. So I practice turning people into trees, which means appreciating them just the way they are.”

Even a Goldfish Could Heal

The healing effects of pets have been extensively studied and written about both in rigorous academic research and in anecdotal reports. It’s exciting when research compliments, validates and even expands what we sense from our personal experiences.

Most studies verifying how powerfully pets contribute to the health of people of all ages are done with cats, dogs, birds and even with plants. One unique study involved giving each resident in a nursing home a single goldfish to care for and to have as their own. One tiny goldfish significantly decreased the levels of depression and loneliness for each resident. And the need for medication among the goldfish owners dropped 50 percent.

The opportunity to give and to receive love from all living things large and small adds immeasurably to our well-being, as our love contributes to nature’s ability to thrive, as well.

Our Partnership with the Greater Cosmos

The following three universal principles reveal some of the key “rules of the game” related to how our consciousness interacts with the Universe. We can improve our lives by knowing how it works and applying them. Reflect, experiment, enjoy!

  1. The Universe rearranges itself to accommodate our conscious and unconscious beliefs. We are in a 24/7 feedback loop with the Unified field. It brings events, people and opportunities into our lives based on the energy frequency of our thoughts, attitudes, actions and beliefs.
  2. Events are neutral. How we interpret events, what meaning we project on to them makes the story, which the universe then responds to as described above in No. 1.
  3. Life is not personal. The ego aspect of our psyche is what takes everything personally. The ego then makes up stories which take us on a diversionary ride. Your higher self, your heart and your soul bypass the ego as they know what’s in your highest good.