Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

One woman's revelations before death offer lessons for the living.

My path crossed with Lea's about a decade ago when she contacted me for a soul reading. That same year she also came to a workshop I facilitated. We lost contact after that. Fast-forward 10 years, and out of the blue there was a message on my answering machine from her saying she was dying of cancer. She wondered if we could talk. Of course I called her. The result was a series of phone conversations, which included, among other things, interviewing her about her experience of dying. She was delighted that I would do this and right away said, "Oh, if only everyone could live their lives knowing what I know now."

I hope you find this sample of excerpts from our conversations thought provoking and heart-opening.

Carol: Do you have any special insights that have come to you during this difficult time?

Lea: The biggest gift to me in this cancer is a profound sense of connection with all of humanity. Now I am facing my death, which makes me totally aware that I am part of this long, unbroken chain of human living and dying. For the first time in my life I feel a very deep experience of connection with all people and with all life.

Carol: You said that you are now aware of things beyond this reality. Can you say more about this?

Lea: I have never been psychic, but now I am no longer locked into time the way most people are in their worldly lives. My current state is one of being here and not here, and with that I have the uncanny ability to immediately see into the psyche of everyone I encounter, including strangers. This has never happened to me before. I know what they are going to say before they speak. I also know what they are not saying out loud. And I can see exactly what their patterns are and therefore how their lives will unfold, unless they make some important changes. There would be no more secrets or secret agendas if everyone could dip into non-linear time, like I am able to do now. That would be a good thing.

Carol: Is there more?

Lea: I also know in advance when things are not going to happen. Like, when I hear a weather forecast, I know if it will or will not play out the way they are predicting. Or if someone says they'll stop by for a visit, I know if they are not going to show up. That's really nice; I don't even bother preparing. There is more, but it all boils down to my having less of a grip on time on the clock, and more of an opening to my soul. This means that everyone has these abilities, and you don't need to be dying to expand what's possible.

Carol: I have a hunch you have another big insight to share now.

Lea: Yes, I do. I am simultaneously experiencing a very big picture of life, along with the little picture here in this Earth reality. I already have the demonstration that my consciousness goes way beyond my body, because I am in a skeletal body I have more awareness than when my body was strong and healthy. In the larger view, I experience that my life and consciousness have no beginning and no end. In the little picture, the end is already here. Seeing the big picture has taken away all my old fears and issues.

When I do transition, I will leave with a grateful heart and will be curious to discover and fully experience my soul in new ways.


It was an honor and also very humbling to have spoken with Lea before she passed. I came away with the wish that we all have the grace to live our lives and to live our dying with such expanded awareness, presence and inner peace.

The full transcript of our conversation can be found in Chapter 10 of my book, WHY WAIT-Wisdom for Life from Those Who Have Passed Over. PJH