Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

The effects of a solar eclipse are enduring. The build-up stimulates personal and planetary energies for three to six months before it occurs. (Did you feel the intensity building all summer?) Then the eclipse triggers changes for a year or more afterwards. Either you are aware that some things in your life are no longer working for you and need to change and/or the message is more obvious because things are falling apart.

Making space for the new includes anything and everything from clearing closets, to changing your diet, to completing friendships, to ending unfulfilling relationships, to needing a new job or career, upgrading a living situation, changing unhealthy lifestyle habits, and anything not listed here which might be between you and opening to more expansive and happier options in your life.

Here are three important metaphysical principles which are keys to the next steps in your personal growth, if/when you are ready. These are some of the life-changing “rules of the game” explaining how our consciousness interacts with the universe to co-create what we call “real.” Applying these principles, we can intentionally change what’s possible in our lives.

Principle No. 1

The universe rearranges itself to accommodate our conscious and unconscious beliefs and fascinations.

Our consciousness is in a 24/7 feedback loop with the universe always. It reads the frequencies of our spoken and unspoken thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and actions, and then returns to us events, people and opportunities matching those energies we have communicated.

The universe does not judge. It lovingly and abundantly accommodates the “requests” that our frequencies indicate. Here’s a simple example: Getting excited about getting a new car? You will suddenly start to see that exact car everywhere; it’ll be on TV and on the street. Why? Your fascination signals the universe to bring it to your awareness.

It can be a telling moment to observe that what you have in your life reflects what you are knowingly and unknowingly indicating you want the universe to match and deliver. When you change your beliefs (it won’t work if you are only pretending) you’ll change what shows up in your life. Make space in your life, and new things will present themselves.

Principle No. 2

A chair is a chair, an accident is an accident, losing a job is losing a job, a tree is a tree. The minute we interpret and/or project our opinion about a person or event, we create a story. Whether it is true or not, that story of ours informs the universe to bring more of what matches our story into our experience.

Whenever possible, practice holding off your reactivity and opinions. Not judging is so freeing. Then you can calmly see what’s true and accept that it is what it is.

Principle No. 3

Life is not personal. This notion can be challenging to grasp because our psyche automatically rushes in to interpret that everything must be “about us.” It is only the ego aspect of our psyche which takes everything personally. It does this in an automatic effort to protect us from what, in its limited perspective, it thinks is a danger.

However, the ego then takes us on a diversionary and never fulfilling ride. Taking things personally leads to an abyss of self-doubt, self-criticism, self-blame, none of which may be true. But it can feel true, and then you are either a victim or seeking revenge. Both are ego responses, which only perpetuate more of the same discontent.

Keep in mind that how people feel, react, don’t react is about them. If someone is not kind to you, it’s helpful to assume they are having a hard day. In fact, sometimes kindly saying, “You must be having a hard day,” is the magic icebreaker. The person will likely be grateful you noticed. For that moment at least, one is relieved of his or her burden, making space to be friendly again. After all, everyone wants to be seen, cared about, and acknowledged.

The ego reacts. The soul knows. The heart is wired for compassion. Learn to pay attention to the greater wisdom of your heart and soul.

Tips along the way

You might hold an intention that changes in your life can occur with grace and ease. If you like, also add this affirmation to your repertoire: “In my open human heart, I choose love.”