Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

“Your love is not outside you; it is deep within you. You can never lose it, and it cannot leave you.” ~ Eckhart Tolle


There are so many levels and nuances to love. From a metaphysical perspective, love is way more than an emotion; it is a state of being which comes from the soul and radiates through you. The more open your heart, the more you let go of old hurts, grudges, outdated beliefs, and stories about your life, the more the light and intelligence of the soul shine through.


Love as a state of being does not refer to anything you do or say; it is simply the pure being-ness, the absolute “you-ness” of you, which is beyond words, actions, life experiences and resumes. An important component of being spiritually awake is doing the “homework,” so that love as a state of being becomes the platform from which you consciously engage with all the opportunities and experiences life presents.


Being in the presence of a baby is one of the ways to observe and immediately experience the radiance of love as a state of being. Infants are “being” beings; they don’t talk, they don’t have resumes listing their strengths and weaknesses, degrees or careers. They embody and radiate pure soul love.

It’s interesting to note that infants and toddlers come with built-in biological support to ensure hanging out in a pure state of being. They live predominantly in the frequency of theta brain waves. These are the same brain wave lengths present in deep meditation when the mind is still and meditators can glimpse pure awareness.


We are evoked to experience our own true soulful love in the presence of young children and adults living from a loving state of being. At the purest level, those wonderful feelings when you fall in love are really the other person reflecting to you what you have always had within yourself. A rainbow of emotions will always pass through in the foreground of your life, and it is so empowering to know the source of love is within you and never disappears.


The true love of the soul, aka everyone’s true state of being, inevitably gets obscured when by age 4-5 years old, our brains and psyches fully calibrate to this reality in which we all live. From then on, we are well on our way to accumulating experiences which seem to confirm that our emotions, beliefs, thoughts, ideas, opinions, patterns, ego agendas, roles and identities are who we are. Years of believing that this version of who we are is true, creates the equivalent of a veil or at least a dense fog separating us from the baseline love of the soul. And then there comes a time in everyone’s evolution when dismantling the veil is simply what’s next.


All the scientific information documenting the body-mind-spirit benefits of meditation, yoga, kindness, compassion, living through an open heart, practicing forgiveness and putting the ego in the passenger seat of life are proven ways to clear the veil and reconnect to the true love and wisdom of the soul.

As always, you have to seek and practice the experiences, which will lead to the direct knowing that love is your true state of being. This does not mean you become a saint and/or have no fun or preferences or moods or even issues. You can and will periodically feel all kinds of emotions including being unhappy. However, you can still come from a baseline state of love. The goal is to be love. Then you know who you really are and you can live and share the light of your soul for the greater good of all.

As the noted author, mystic and teacher Ram Dass says, “I’m not interested in being a “lover.” I’m interested in only being love.”