Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Gleaning maternal wisdom from the other side.

Since we just celebrated Mother's Day, I wanted to share two excerpts from my book, Why Wait - Wisdom for Life from Those Who Have Passed Over. The book is a compilation of communications (which I refer to as transmissions), that I have clairvoyantly accessed for my clients, from the souls of their late loved ones.

The following two excerpts, are chosen from longer communications from each of these mothers in the chapter "Transmissions from Mothers to Their Living Children." Regardless of your beliefs about life beyond physical death, perhaps you can find both inspiration and comfort in their words.


A clear message from the mothers whose transmissions are represented in this chapter of the book is that sometimes it takes being on the other side, where the soul is in charge and the ego is dismantled, for people to see clearly into themselves. Whether or not these women were able to freely express love to their children during their lives, what they share from the soul makes it clear that at the soul level the love is always there.

Transmission No. 1 - Peeling away the tough love

"In my life I was angry much of the time, which rallied my will to fight and to persevere. At the time, this was a perfect survival strategy. My anger let me feel strong and to not be a victim when people were abusive to me, and when life dealt me lemons. This tough attitude allowed me to feel I was taking charge in the face of serious difficulties. Don't get me wrong; this got me through a lot.

However, I now understand this strategy was not at all about love. I can see that my attitude and behavior made it harder and harder both to experience or to give any love in my life. I can see that I pushed all of you away.

The reason I can understand all this where I am now is that nothing bad or mean happens here. So I finally get to push the 'down girl' and 'at ease' switches. You get the drift.

I hope all I am sharing about myself gives you a window into me so you can understand me better. Perhaps you can now let go of the ways I may have hurt you by my tough-love, survival attitude mode of living. Dwelling on negative memories is useless. Delete your 'complaint' files." - Betty

Transmission No. 2 - Relinquish the negatives

"That feeling of endless love came over me when you were each infants before you could have gone to any school or held any job or spoken a word. I experienced the miracle of each of you.

I was marked by the experiences of my upbringing and I had many limitations. Regrettably parents put all kinds of pressures on their kids that often result in lessening one's miraculous self for the sake of approval and acceptance. You know I fell hard into many of these societal beliefs.

My fondest wish would be to erase any of the ways I may have imposed my limitations on you. You can certainly give any of those negatives back to me- where I am, the love is so pure that negatives are instantly disintegrated.

Yes! That's the key! In your lives please disintegrate anything that prevents you from seeing the miracle that you are. Someday when people can see the miracle that they are, how wonderful everyone will feel, and how nobly they will act." - Ida

Never stop nurturing

Hopefully these excerpts opens your hearts to gratitude for what your own mothers were able to give you, and to greater compassion for what they were unable to offer because of their own experiences.

We are all given the chance to better our own lives by letting go of old hurts in light of the realization that everyone does the best they can with what they are given.

Whether or not you are a mother or a father, be aware that offering others a sense of consistent support, nurturance, and deep caring is by definition creating the environment for people to thrive.

As author Robert Heinlein has said, "Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation." PJH