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Children are uniquely able to tap into past life experiences.

Think about the following actual real life situations:

Your three-year-old is sitting on your lap and says to you, "You know, I had another mother right before you." How might you understand this statement, and how might you respond?

Your four-year-old son is obsessed with drawing WWII bombers and can name them. You Google the names and discover they are correct. How does he know this, and how might you respond?

A friend gifts you with a coffee table book about the Titanic and your five-year-old opens to a page of photos of the ship's staterooms exclaiming, "That was my cabin!" Your response is...?

The examples above are real. They are from the children of clients and friends. The childrens' comments imply that the kids are spontaneously bringing in memories from past lives. Over my many years exploring the probability of reincarnation, I have discovered a striking correlation between past life events and current life fears, skills, talents and even physical similarities.

Later in this article I will suggest some helpful ways to respond if your child-as in the examples above-demonstrates a talent, a phobia, knowledge/information they are too young to have learned in this life.

Thousands of verified cases

There are thousands upon thousands of carefully researched, documented and thoroughly verified cases of children between the ages of two and seven years old who experience spontaneous, past life recall and can recognize people, places, names and events from a previous incarnation.

Why so young?

The turn-around from a previous life can take as little as a year or as long as centuries, depending on the timing and other requirements of the soul. The consciousness of very young children between two and four years old has not yet "locked into" the time/space of their here-and-now current life. Therefore youngest children move fluidly between perceptions in non-linear time where past life memories reside, and being able to anchor/orient fully into where they are right now.

There are always exceptions, but by the time children enter school they are usually sufficiently socialized, so the awareness of other lives and other dimensions of reality fades. This is often "helped" along when adults assume their young children simply have active imaginations, and the adults dismiss or discourage things that don't make sense.

Scientific research

Ian Stevenson, MD, is one of a number of highly credentialed contemporary researchers who have published many books and scientific papers on past life recall in children. Stevenson was a professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia Medical School for 40 years, and became internationally recognized for his research into reincarnation by discovering evidence suggesting that memories, talents and physical injuries can be transferred from one lifetime to another.

One example of a documented case

At three years old, a boy in Thailand was talking about a recent past life with great feeling and intensity. The child was claiming he was a teacher; he was often speaking of his previous wife and twin babies, naming the village where he used to live, and letting his current family know that in his last life he was shot in the head and killed riding his bike to his teaching job.

To test the veracity of all this, the research team took the little boy to that nearby village and to the child's former house. The three-year-old greeted by name his now-elderly parents from his recent past life. He also named his now-adult twin daughters, along with other startling, accurate details. The final revelation in his case was that researchers found two birthmarks on this little boy's head corresponding precisely to the location of the entry and exit points where he was shot to death in his previous life.

Helpful ways to respond to your child

Suspend judgment and assume your child is telling the truth.

Lovingly encourage them to tell you more about what happened.

Confirm that what they are describing is real, and it is not happening now. Explain that it was a different life, and you believe them.

Feeling safe, being believed and encouraged to talk about what the child recalls (especially if it includes a traumatic event) is cathartic for the child and will usually release anything from the past life, which might have otherwise limited the child in this life. Even documented medical healings have occurred as the result of clearing a child's past life trauma.

A gift within

Your children will be so blessed and ahead of the game in life if you are able to validate the knowledge in their souls. The wisdom in the soul is intact in all of us right from the get-go, even if we cannot access it. If you need more information and support working with your children, look online for credible professionals in the fields of past life recall, near death experiences, out of body awareness, and psychic gifts. Or ask me, and I can recommend both books and people who are competent resources. PJH