Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

When animals communicate from the other side

Ray called me a few weeks ago, eager to share the true story of a series of uncanny communications he had from his recently deceased dog. He said it might make a good topic for a Cosmic Café column, and I agreed.

Professional animal communicators and pet owners around the world can attest that pets on the other side can communicate by sending their human companions telepathic messages and unmistakable signs and symbols of their continued existence. This is of course a great comfort to their owners. It also gives all of us another glimpse into more of what?s going on and what?s possible just beyond the abilities of our five senses.

Ray's story

Ray and his family adopted their mixed breed dog from a shelter in Kauai when the dog was 4 or 5 years old. She came with the name ?Mana,? which they kept. Mana was super friendly and so smart that not only did she have a vocabulary of about 400 words, she even recognized some spelled words. It was a challenge to keep dog-related secrets from her.

There were two special activities, which Ray and Mana routinely did together for the rest of Mana?s 17 years. First, Mana would go with Ray as he bought his weekly lottery ticket. He would say to her excitedly, "Look, Mana, I've got this week's lottery ticket." Mana would run around in circles with glee, and Ray would give her a treat. Ray never won more than a few dollars.

Secondly, Ray collects silver and gold coins. Whenever new coins would arrive in the mail, he'd always let Mana rip open the packages, which she loved. Then, Ray would lay out the coins on the floor, placing the silver coins in one row and the gold coins in another row. He?d then ask Mana to tell him whether she liked the silver or gold ones better. Using her left paw, she would always carefully and deliberately touch the gold coins.

ATM mystery

Mana passed away right before Christmas this past year. A few months later Ray went to an ATM machine in his Florida neighborhood, as he often did, and withdrew $300. The funds always come out of the ATM in $20 bills. Ray gasped when he saw that on one of those twenties that came out of the ATM had the word ?MANA? stamped in ink on the back side of the bill.

Gold rush lottery

Next, Ray went to a nearby supermarket to buy his weekly lottery ticket. The name of the scratch off ticket game that week was called ?Gold Rush? and the poster advertising it had a picture of gold coins. "Well, Mana loved gold coins so let's go for it," Ray mused. So Ray bought four scratch tickets. The first ticket won Ray $10, the second $20, the third $30 and the fourth $500. This was the most Ray had ever won.

I reminded Ray that dogs and cats are able to reincarnate very quickly. If Ray would like, and if it was in Mana?s highest good, Ray could ask her soul to show up again in his life. If you have a beloved pet who has passed, you might invite its soul to return to you. PJH