Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Fear cannot prevail in the face of loving acts.

I am often asked if I can offer any wisdom on how to take the high road in the face of all the wanton violence, volatility, toxicity, stress and distress in the world. The simple answer is I wish I had a magic wand to immediately and gracefully bring in a new world paradigm where everything and everyone thrives. But I don't have that wand. Instead I can offer a bigger picture perspective to consider and some recommendations with which you might choose to experiment.

A Big Picture Perspective

The big picture metaphysical view of what's going on in the world is that we are on the cusp of an important upgrade in our human and planetary evolution. Negativity of all kinds and on all levels, which has been part of the status quo of the fear-based paradigm fueling the world for thousands of years, is being flushed out and brought to the surface to clear the slate.

From this perspective every country, every institution in every country and every person is part of a global-healing crisis. This is much like what happens on a smaller scale when clearing out toxins stored in the body or when you go to therapy and resolve negative emotional patterns.

Whether those poisons or misperceptions are from years of eating poorly, emotional abuse, or alcohol or drugs, it requires focusing on the positive outcome and remaining committed to endure the uncomfortable process of purging ourselves of a toxic load.

Never Fear

The good news is all this is not meant to do us in. Everyone has a part in creating the tipping point to a new way of being whose focus is honoring the fact - now proven by science - that all life is part of one interconnected, interactive living matrix. And what we put into that matrix matters.

Hopeful and positive evidence that we are moving into this long-predicted upgrade is abundant. It's just less publicized.

Five Recommendations

1. Whatever you focus on increases; this is science. Focusing on what's right in your life and on gratitude, as well as practicing kindness and compassion as consistently as possible is very powerful. It measurably increases your well-being, brings more positive events into your life and boosts the frequency of the entire matrix of life.

2. In the face of all the violence, feel the appropriate initial emotions of shock, anger and fear, and then let them pass through like weather. This does not mean you forget what occurred, it does not mean you go numb, and it does not mean you don't give a damn. It means you will not allow your health to be undermined by harboring negative emotions, and you will not feed the perpetrators with your fear.

3. Be aware and informed without emotional drama. Drama adds to chaos as it undermines all levels of cognitive and emotional clarity. Be mindful that negative and positive energies are equally contagious.

4. More science: Imagining a positive outcome accelerates the momentum for the desired outcome to manifest. Begin to look for and envision a positive evolutionary shift that can come out of a tragic event(s).

5. The first priority for upgrading your own life is to - with an open human heart - choose love.

One Last Thing

When large numbers of people perish together, the caring responses of so many people around the world create a scientifically measurable and contagious, high-frequency wave of love around the planet in which fear cannot prevail. Our challenge is to sustain it. Are you in? PJH