Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

The truth about the Law of Attraction.

There's plenty of buzz about the Law of Attraction. On the surface it seems that all you have to do is want something, ask the Universe to provide it and set an intention for whatever that is, and then like magic it shows up in your life. Alas, it's not that simple.

The Law of Attraction is about the fact that our consciousness is in a constant feedback loop with the non-judgmental field of intelligence we call the Universe or the Universal Field of Consciousness. All of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions are forms of energy. The Universe supports us 100 percent by "reading and responding to" the energy frequencies of everything we "broadcast" into the matrix. Even our subconscious beliefs, which we are unaware of, are part of what is "read." You might think of the Universe as an energy matching form of total support.

Therefore, based on the patterns of energy frequencies we are putting out, the Universal field of intelligence responds by bringing into our experience the kinds of events, people, opportunities, circumstances which match the combined energies of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions. We may interpret any of these as good or bad, however the Universe is entirely non-judgmental. The Universe literally rearranges itself to accommodate and reflect back to us the frequencies of our individual and collective energies.

Positive energy = Highest frequencies

Not surprisingly, the highest energy frequencies come from states of being (the combination of conscious and unconscious thoughts, beliefs, emotions, actions) which are loving, forgiving, compassionate, accepting, allowing, kind, and honoring. These energies inform the Universe to match them with more of the same. More of the same can show up in any form, from the sublime to the absurd, or from the right job, the generosity of strangers, finding the perfect home, synchronistic meetings with people, enough financial resources, beautiful weather, beauty, or helpful store clerks.

Negative energies = Low frequencies

Beliefs, thoughts and actions based on anger, hate, jealousy, dishonoring (of self and others), abuse, revenge, holding grudges and hurts are all lower frequency energies. In its benevolent and unbiased way, the Universe will match those energies and bring into your experience more things that reflect those same kind of energies.

Two simple, everyday examples

You decide to buy a new red car, a color you haven't had before. Your energy is broadcasting your fascination with red cars to the Universe. The Universe responds to your interest, and all of a sudden you start seeing red cars seemingly everywhere. You might even start noticing for the first time that there are lots of red cars showing up in TV ads. Or maybe a friend you haven't seen in a while shows up with a new red car, too.

You are pregnant, and baby related things are obviously what's on your mind and in your energy field. The Universe matches your fascination, and then you start noticing pregnant women and women with infants everywhere you go. You might even wonder if there's something in the water where you live! To your dismay, you might also notice for the first time ever, all the public service announcements on TV about birth abnormalities.

A zen teaching story

A traveler on his way to the next town sees an old wise man by the side of the road.

"What are people like in the next town?" asks the traveler.

"What were the people like in the town you just left?" asks the old man.

"They were unfriendly, cold and indifferent," replies the traveler.

"Ah," says the old man, "I'm afraid you will find the people in the next town are just the same."

Later that day, another traveler passes the old wise man and asks the same questions.

"What are the people like in the next town?" asks the second traveler.

"What were the people like in the town you just left?" replies the old man.

"Oh, they were warm and friendly and helpful," answers the traveler.

"They are just the same in the next town where you are going," says the old man.

Not everything is explained by the Law of Attraction

You might appropriately ask what about people who are poor, and people who are suffering-are they causing those experiences? Not necessarily. There are also reasons of karma being worked out, and there are reasons beyond our current comprehension.

Yet, when life dishes up lemons, it is the meaning we make out of those challenges which becomes what the Universe "reads" and then brings more of the same into our experience. You might ask yourself if, in tough times, you form a belief that there must be something wrong with you, that you are the victim; and then victim scenarios play out over and over. Or can you be the hero/heroine of the things that happen in your life, and put that into the feedback loop with the Universe?

Perfection is not required

No need to get paranoid about your every thought or belief. Everyone has both positive and negative moments and unconscious patterns that may not serve us well. What you can do is to take stock of what you have in your life and what you don't have in your life. Both are likely reflections of your beliefs. If there is something you really want in your life and it's not happening, you might do some soul searching and/or therapy to uncover the belief(s) that might be giving unintentional instructions to the Universe. PJH