Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Many of you have asked how to know what's best for you when it comes to signing up for an online spiritual development course, attending a live workshop, choosing books to read on metaphysical topics, and/or seeking counsel from an intuitive reader. Here are some helpful tips when making choices for developing your consciousness.

Knowing what to choose: your soul knows

Of course you can ask other people or follow what's most popular. However, the purpose of seeking spiritual workshops/courses/books/intuitive readers is to support your journey into higher consciousness. Therefore, when it comes to the greatest good for your spiritual evolution, you want to consult the source of your most accurate guidance, which is your heart and soul. The heart is the link to the greater wisdom and higher intelligence of the soul. Soulful guidance bypasses the mind, and shows up in the form of instant, direct knowing.

A skill worth developing

Get still, close your eyes and take about five deep, slow breaths. Focus your awareness on your own physical heart. (This immediately gets you out of your head/mind.) Keep breathing slowly and deeply, and ask your heart/soul if what you're wanting to do is in the highest good for your evolution now. Feel into your heart and "listen" for the answer. If someone should ask you, "How do you know this is the right workshop for you?" The answer reflecting guidance from your soul is, "I don't know; I just know." Trust yourself.

Then find more information. If your direct knowing is "not this" or "not now," believe it and move on. If your direct knowing is a "yes," then you'll enjoy gathering more information from other sources and via other kinds of input.

Validation for your mind

To get a better take on the presenter, do some research. Perhaps sample a book the person has written. Their credentials, how the person writes, what they write about, and how others rate them can satisfy your mind's need to know that kind of data.

If you know someone who has taken a seminar from this presenter, ask your friend specific questions about their experience. Because you know the person, their answers can also give your mind some useful information. (Random testimonials online are unreliable.)

Body validation

Watch several of the presenter's videos on YouTube. Pay attention to what's going on in your body as you watch them online. Are you leaning in and feeling drawn to learn from that person? Or are you not attracted; is your body contracting and pulling back, signaling this may not be for you.

Choosing books

Ask people you respect for recommendations and research online. Before you hit "purchase now," look on Amazon and read a sample chapter. If it draws you in, go for it. If it doesn't, skip it. If you are in a bookstore and see a title that intrigues you, open the book randomly to any page and begin to read a bit. You'll know if what you are reading grabs you and you'd like to read the entire book.

Selecting an intuitive reader

In this case, word of mouth recommendations from people you know who have experienced the work of a specific intuitive are very valuable. During your session, what a psychic says should resonate with you. If it doesn't, let it go. I always seek out people whose talent will reveal what's right about you and how to lovingly upgrade aspects that can be improved. Skip people whose readings are fear-based; you don't need negative input to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Know how you learn best

To repeat an adage, "One size does not fit all." Everyone has a preferred, dominant learning modality. Some people are predominantly audio learners; some are visual learners, and others learn best kinesthetically, hands on. Notice which is typically your most comfortable go-to. Also reflect on whether you are a self-motivated, self-paced learner or if you do better with the support, stimulation and motivation of a live class situation. Once you have your soulful green light, locate a format combining what you want to learn, with how you learn best.

Your soul knows

Your mind loves information and the caveat is that it can make a story about anything, whether it's true or not. The ego tends to stir up self-doubt. The body does not lie. Tune in first to your heart/soul -then gather other sources of information for corroboration. Enjoy becoming spiritually awake. PJH