Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

When wisdom transcends age

Every generation brings in a remarkable gathering of souls who are born with new perspectives, special abilities and challenges, which will form their unique contribution to human evolution. Recently, researchers in a variety of disciplines concur they are witnessing the arrival of a wave of advanced souls. Many of these children show scientific genius. Some have totally developed artistic talents. Others are gifted healers and visionaries. The data indicates that in ever-increasing numbers kids are arriving with exceptional deep wisdom and psychic abilities. All of this is very evident by the ripe old age of 5 or 6, if not earlier.

All the converging ancient prophecies for our times and evidence from all academic disciplines indicate that humanity is now at a turning point in collective evolution leading either to total self-destruction or to a significant evolutionary leap. Be certain that these gifted children are here to help us upgrade. And they are eager - if not in a hurry - to contribute what they already know as soon as possible.

We are called to upgrade ourselves in order to receive their messages and to act on them. A first step is to be OK that our children may be significantly smarter, wiser and more ?tuned in? to higher consciousness than we are. Next is letting go of conventional ideas of how old someone must be before they can offer his or her talents to the world. As parents and educators we also have to discover how to validate and support the contribution of this generation?s soulful gifts and, at the same time, give these children age-appropriate mentoring and structure. This is a tall order and it offers everyone the opportunity to break though limiting ideas of what's possible so we can evolve together.

Here is a short list of some common characteristics of children who are here to lead us to a new paradigm:

They always see better ways to do things at home and at school.

They are easily bored with assigned tasks.

They are in a hurry to get going.

They are highly sensitive and intuitive, intelligent and creative.

They have an obvious sense of self.

They are very perceptive about people's character and agendas.

They express wisdom beyond their years.

They can see auras and other energies.

They may have clear memory of other lifetimes on earth and even elsewhere in the cosmos.

They are frustrated by rigid ideas and rules, which discourage exploring new possibilities.

Keep in mind there are also plenty of advanced souls here facilitating a new paradigm who are not little kids. The higher frequency bandwidth of love, rather than fear, is what will activate additional strands of DNA, bring new parts of our brains on-line and allow us to become galactic citizens.

If you are blessed with a child with a higher consciousness, there are resources online and support groups to help you discover and implement new ways of parenting. Be curious and excited to experience this incredible opportunity.

And isn't there a Biblical prediction that the children shall lead? Likely this means actual chronological kids and the child in each of us who is by nature open, curious, creative, imaginative, non-judgmental and loving. PJH