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Have you ever thought about the deeper spiritual meaning in the fairy tales we enjoyed as kids and continue to share with our children and grandchildren? These enduring stories are not only fantasies where good prevails. They were intentionally encoded with esoteric teachings and symbols guiding our evolution to higher states of consciousness.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has always been one of my favorites. Here's a look into some of this story's metaphysical teachings.

The Wicked Queen: The danger of living from ego

The Wicked Queen represents the ego driven aspect of our human psyche. When that aspect dominates us to an extreme, it demands to be the center of attention, needs to always be right, always the most, the best, the most powerful and the only one in power. This state of consciousness does not want to change, and blocks access to higher states of consciousness, happiness and evolution.

She (this part of us) will do anything-distort, deny, lie about, even kill the light of love, beauty and truth in anyone she encounters in order to preserve her complete dominance and run the show. We are warned that living exclusively from this self-absorbed part of the psyche can only lead to jealousy, insecurity, intolerance, anger, resentment, revenge, constant fear there's someone better, and other expressions of power over others and discontent.

The Seven Dwarfs: Our seven chakras

Ancient wisdom traditions give the number seven important spiritual significance. One of these sacred sevens refers to the seven chakras, first described as psychic centers of consciousness in the 8,000-year-old Upanishad texts of India.

The chakras are small, wheel shaped energy centers (dwarfs), which exist within a more refined subtle energy body that overlays our dense physical body. The chakras create an interface between our physical selves and the greater cosmos. Mastery of the first six chakras stimulates the 7th chakra, which correlates to the pineal gland, and results in a raising of consciousness and access to pure awareness.

The Seven Dwarfs/chakras are there to help Snow White evolve. They work all day in the mines underground and out of sight, like the chakras, which are not visible to our physical sight. They are mining gems to bring to the surface. The gems are treasures within us when we align our chakras, connect to the wisdom in our souls, and to the intelligence of the greater cosmos.

Snow White: How to transcend ego

Young Snow White represents the light of our true selves. She is loving, knows all life is sacred and intelligent, can communicate with the birds and the animals and vice versa. She is well on her way as a spiritual being having a fulfilling human experience. And she has a big dilemma. The Wicked Queen (the ego aspect of the human psyche) is after her to extinguish her light.

The girl finds shelter in nature, which has no ego, and with the seven dwarfs, who are eager to support her. In that loving setting she can integrate her own seven chakras, learn to maintain her higher frequency and therefore transcend the battle with ego. Right when all of her chakras are aligned and she's about to emerge into the world securely reconnected with her higher self, one last aspect of the dark queen knocks on Snow White's door for a last temptation.

It's the ego again, disguised as a poor old woman, with a final attempt to seduce Snow White. Failing to discern the ruse, she takes a bite of the apple poisoned with the lower frequencies of fear-based ego consciousness (we all can be seduced by the ego). She falls into a coma-a.k.a. forgets her true self-and is therefore unconscious spiritually.

Love reawakens Snow White to the pure light of her higher self. Her heart reignited, she can live her earthly life from the higher frequencies of her soul, where the negative energies can no longer influence her. We are advised that embodying the light is what also creates an internal state of bliss, the happily ever after, a state of being the ego can never attain.

For the general reader, there had to be a prince. The truth is no one needs anyone or anything external to become spiritually awake. The desire to be fully conscious, the willingness to clear any internal obstacles to love, and the choice to live through an open heart are all an inside job. We all benefit from support, and we are our own princes and princesses.

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The challenge for all of us, right now and once and for all, is to retire from the ego driven life. Embody the light, the higher intelligence, the wisdom and unconditional love in our hearts and souls and live it. The time is now. PJH