Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

The sun has many layers of importance. Some are familiar, others are more spiritual, and one is truly cosmic.


The summer solstice, which happens in the northern hemisphere Wednesday, June 21, is when the position of the sun brings the northern hemisphere the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The sun's life-giving energy relationship to the earth is always, and in all ways, of paramount importance. Solstices and equinoxes mark the beginning of each of the four seasons, and from now on daylight decreases. The celebrations of the summer solstice honor the brief and exquisite moment of experiencing the fullest light.


As above so below, the macrocosm reflects the microcosm. It is the operating principle that everything in creation, from galaxies and solar systems to atoms and a single cell, all reflect the same design and all function in similar ways.

From this perspective, the outer sun also corresponds to the inner sun, which in the human experience is the heart. World traditions concur that only the heart can know the "Truth."

By now science concurs, and has demonstrated that the human heart is our "command central" as our connection to the soul and to the greater cosmos all the way to "Source."

Some of the original yoga teachings consider that the sun is to the human heart as the moon is to the brain. Why? The sun is the source of its own light. The moon can reflect the light of the sun, but does not generate light on its own. The heart accesses unconditional love and higher intelligence; the higher purpose of the brain is to be in service to the greater light of the heart. As further affirmation of this truth, every sun salutation in yoga begins and ends with the hands at the heart.

The sun's journey ushering in the four seasons is also thought of as a symbol of the journey to enlightenment. From this perspective, each solstice and equinox corresponds to the phases in a person's spiritual path to enlightenment. The sequence begins gestating in the womb of winter (the void), continues to rebirth in spring, peaks with the full flowering of consciousness/ enlightenment in the summer, celebrates the blazing glory of the autumnal harvest, and then the cycle repeats. The beauty of the never-ending cycle is that we have so many opportunities to begin afresh and evolve to our fullest potential in body, mind and spirit.

We are participating in an evolutionary journey to fully source, embody, radiate and live the spiritual light who we are.

Ancient myths and NASA science

This is a truly cosmic connection to the sun for your mind expansion. Many world traditions-including ancient Egyptian, Incan and Hopi-say that thousands and thousands of years ago great teachers came to Earth from the Sun and taught humanity about mathematics, written language, astronomy, architecture, medicine, agriculture, and more. There are startling archaeological artifacts from more than one ancient civilization depicting extraterrestrial space ships entering the sun through a triangular hole. (Find a Mayan example of this kind of carving online.)

About four years ago, NASA released information about a magnetic portal called flux transfer, which is a regularly occurring actual portal to our sun. Described as something like a magnetic super highway, it can send matter through the sun, allowing it to travel massive distances through space. There is also video footage on Youtube showing the phenomenon of objects entering and leaving our sun. (Google UFOs through Sun Portal.)

Corey Goode, secret space program whistleblower, reports that under the right conditions, these naturally occurring portals can be used as star gates, where extraterrestrials can enter and leave our solar system. He implies this has been going on for eons, and continues now. He describes the solar star gate system as something of a cosmic web connecting all suns and galaxies, making intergalactic travel across huge distances possible.

Seems like all indications are adding up, making these ancient stories seem true. Advanced beings really could have traveled here via hyper dimensional portals from the stars through the sun. Perhaps extraterrestrials are still coming here. Maybe we are already able to travel to them, too.

However you choose to enjoy this special time of our year, I wish you a happy summer solstice. PJH