Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Understanding your spirit guides and being open to their direction

The understanding across cultures and throughout history is that there are loving, intelligent beings in many other realities who are not typically visible to our physical senses, and who can guide us to choices and actions for our highest and greatest good.

Although they are not permitted to interfere directly, they nudge us in many different ways. Sometimes it’s in the form of a hunch or a sudden change of plans. Other times it is a message contained in your dreams, an inspired idea, an amazing synchronicity, even an urge to pick up the phone and call a specific person, or to stop at a different grocery store and make an unexpected personal connection there. Sometimes we are aware of urgings from our guides and sometimes we are responding to those signals without even being aware of the source. And sometimes we choose to ignore the cues.

Who They Are

Some of our spirit guides are the souls of people no longer alive whom we have loved and who have loved us. In the afterlife state, they have access to levels of wisdom, awareness and perception beyond their earthly repertoire. They are eager to assist us. You might feel/sense their familiar energetic presence when they are around you. Some people even catch an uncanny whiff of a loved one’s perfume or their grandfather’s pipe tobacco.

“What if they have already reincarnated?” you might ask. The soul is analogous to the “cloud” for a computer. The soul is a living library of all of its experiences, all of its identities and roles throughout all time and space. You are calling in the specific incarnation of the soul when they were your beloved person. That aspect of their soul is always available to you even when they reincarnate.

We also have guides whose souls we knew and loved in past lifetimes. And we have loving guides in other realities whom we have never experienced in this physical reality. They too are there for us. Last and not least, there are Higher Beings of Light whose enlightened guidance is available to everyone. These include angels, ascended masters and enlightened teachers from across the ages. Their advanced consciousness operates out of time and space, allowing them to guide vast numbers of people in different locations at the same time.

Très Cool Example

I made a reservation online to rent an apartment for a visit to Paris. The woman who owned the apartment emailed me clear instructions where she would leave the key. My flight landed in Paris at night. I took a taxi to the address of the apartment, and the key was not there. It was a very uncomfortable situation. It was nighttime in Paris and I found myself standing outside the building with a suitcase and no key.

I asked for my guides to please help.

Suddenly, I just knew what to do. I went to a specific café across the street. Not knowing why or what would be there, I went in and walked right over to a friendly-looking bartender. In my best French, I asked if by chance he knew the woman (I said her name) whose apartment I was about to rent across the street. “Oh!” he exclaimed in French. “You must be the American who is renting from her. She had an emergency and had to leave in a hurry, so she left the key with me!”

They Are Here For You

We all have access to loving, abundant support from many guides waiting for us to ask for their assistance. Spirit guides can steer us to the best opportunities and teachable moments for our evolution and our greater good. If you like, create a quiet time to close your eyes, take some deep breaths, focus your awareness on your physical heart, and ask for guidance from your angels, love ones no longer alive, or higher Beings of Light. Be curious and aware of what presents itself. How will you know this is from your Spirit Guides? There are two ways.

1. It has to feel loving. 2. You’ll just know.