Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

From a metaphysical perspective, solar eclipses compel us to reassess the quality of our internal and external lives, to clear out what no longer serves us, and to make room for what’s new on the cosmic horizon. By interrupting the normal rhythms of life on earth, eclipses catalyze a celestial push for us to let go of what’s no longer supporting the greatest good of all. Letting go creates the opening for more evolved possibilities to present themselves. This applies to individuals, groups, and nations and to the earth herself.

Changes are afoot

These celestial events are not random. They are intelligently designed predictable occurrences whose powerful energies deliver a clear cosmic message to upgrade. This is why some cultures feared eclipses; they knew eclipses meant big changes are near. Now we have a heads up and can willingly prepare by doing our inner “homework,” so that big changes can unfold with relative ease. Every person is exposed to these potent celestial energies and everyone’s choice to calibrate to a higher purpose matters. Our inner “closets” do not need to be perfectly cleared… but enough to allow the upgrade.

The push to reboot is most potent in the part of the world where the total eclipse is visible. If you are here in Jackson, that means us. You’ll then take the energy wherever you are. It’s notable that from a metaphysical perspective, the Greater Yellowstone Region is considered the heart center of the energy grids assisting the evolution of the planet.

Rebooting the psyche

Clearing the psyche includes making peace with the past. This is about forgiveness, letting go of the hurts, grudges, disappointments which we store in our physical bodies and continue to carry with us. Harboring upsets is like condo-sharing with the perpetrators; the energy continues to undermine our physical and emotional health and seriously limits higher possibilities for our lives. Clearing the psyche also means putting the ego in the passenger seat of our lives. The ego is what gets offended; the soul is fine.

To start releasing things you’ve been harboring, you might experiment with the proven power of the following four simple phrases from the Hawaiian forgiveness practice called Ho’oponopono The phrases are: “I am sorry; please forgive me; thank you; I love you.” You can say these to yourself as part of a daily practice, and/or when appropriate, to others.

Opening the mind and waking up

Upgrading the mind is knowing that our beliefs inform the universe what to bring into our experience. Limiting beliefs equal limited possibilities. The ability to let go of outdated beliefs about yourself, about life, about others, equate to an open mind. Always ask yourself: “Is it true?” Your body and your heart will tell you. The mind can make up a reason for anything.

Waking up spiritually is the process of reconnecting with the higher intelligence, love and wisdom of the soul, and relearning how to communicate with and be guided by that vast, brilliant truth of who we are, while continuing to live in this more limited physical world. It is our challenging task in this earthly experiment to integrate body, mind and spirit to become truly conscious beings, plugged into the source and guided by the soul. Cultivating an open heart is the connection to the soul. A compassionate, loving, accepting and forgiving heart is the ticket. We are all capable of this shift from fear to love, no matter what has gone down.

America’s higher destiny

The Great American Solar Eclipse is also offering our country the choice to align to the next step of its higher destiny. Doing our individual “homework” contributes directly to this larger opportunity. The United States is meant to be a beacon for the world upholding universal truths which support the highest fulfillment for all the world’s peoples. Right now the evolutionary leap facing this country (and all of humanity) requires replacing competition with collaboration and separation with inclusion, allowing everyone to contribute and thrive. The power of a loving collective consciousness creates the platform on which the full blossoming of this country, the planet and all her inhabitants can manifest. This is what is meant by co-creating heaven on earth, or the ascension, or the new paradigm.

A positive big picture

Consider that this eclipse passing over us and our country, and all the rock ‘n’ roll in the world, is part of a benevolent higher plan assisting the global realignment to a higher purpose. We are here now with the invitation to consciously participate in this unprecedented evolutionary process. May you welcome the opportunity of this new moon solar eclipse by allowing the gentle release of whatever is holding back your evolution. Together, and with the help of higher beings of light, we will embody our highest human potential and co-create a new world.