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Acts of kindness to help inspire and guide your trajectory in 2017.

It is essential to know that human kindness and true planetary stewardship are alive and well. Here is a small sample of news stories from across the country and around the world that reflect the best of who we are. They exemplify people's uplifting actions that are creating a positive tipping point in the world.

Indian businessman builds 90 homes for the homeless, December 19, 2016

A man in India, Ajay Munot, chose to celebrate his daughter's wedding by using the money he had saved for the occasion to build 90 homes for homeless people, The Telegraph reported. The bride and groom were supportive of his decision. The 12 -by 20-square-foot homes have windows, electricity and fresh paint. The homes will also have access to filtered drinking water. The bride and groom handed the keys to the new owners after the wedding.

Man donates pizza for a year to food bank, December 26, 2016

Mario's Pizza in Northampton, Pennsylvania, decided to reward their customers with something new this holiday season: free pizza for a year. The pizza shop folks did not expect what came next. The computer randomly chose a winner from the 1,200 people who signed up. The name that popped up, Josh Katrick, is someone who really deserved some good news. Katrick received the email from the pizza shop just as he was leaving a chemo treatment center, where he is a patient.

But then the man, whom the pizza shop staff considered a very deserving winner, said he wanted to give it away to the local food bank. Talking with a manager at the restaurant he said, "I've been getting so much from family, friends, people I don't even know over the last few months, I just wanted to give back to people that could use it more than I could."

The pizza shop is giving both the man and the food bank free pizza for a year.

CNN had the story.

Uber driver saves teen from sex trafficking, December 29, 2016

What began as a normal Uber driving shift for Keith Avila turned into a rescue of a 16-year-old girl from a child sex trafficking ring.

Avila was working on Monday night in Sacramento, California, when he picked up two women and a young girl, The Good News Network reported. While driving them to a Holiday Inn, he heard the adults instruct the teen on how to interact with "John" at the hotel. Their instructions reportedly included telling her to "pat him down for weapons while hugging him" and "get the donation from him" before anything happened.

Avila dropped the women off, drove around the corner and called the cops.

Police officers arrived at the scene, arresting the two pimps-Destiny Pettway and Maria Westley-and the man they were meeting. The teen was apparently a runaway who was taken into temporary housing while law enforcement located her family.

"The worst thing I thought would happen when driving Uber is that I would be getting drunk passengers and I would have to handle them," Avila told NBC Latino. "All my life, I thought about people throwing up in the car as the worst scenario."

Planetary stewardship from around the world in 2016

British Columbia has protected 85 percent of one of the world's largest temperate rainforests, home to the wonderfully named "Spirit Bear." (Reuters)

In February, Peru and Bolivia signed a $500 million deal to preserve Lake Titicaca. (HNGN)

In 2016, more than 20 countries pledged more than $5.3 billion for ocean conservation and created 40 new marine sanctuaries covering an area of 3.4 million square kilometers. (Reuters)

This year Costa Rica ran solely on renewable energy for more than 100 days. Now it's aiming for an entire year with no fossil fuels. (The Independent)

Norway became the first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation. (The Independent)

In July, more than 800,000 volunteers in India planted 50 million trees in one day. (National Geographic)

Israel now makes 55 percent of its freshwater through desalination. That means that one of the driest countries on Earth now has more water than it needs. (Ensia)

The citizens of Mumbai conducted the largest beach cleanup in human history, removing more than 4,000 metric tons of rubbish. (The Washington Post)

More in 2017

Allow these stories to serve as an inspiration and an invitation to practice more random acts of kindness. To participate in actions and causes which upgrade humanity. To stand up for our Earth, and to know that human kindness uplifts the giver, the recipient and the entire world. PJH