Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

What the prophesies of an Apache elder can teach us about how to proceed next.

In the 1920s an Apache wise man named Stalking Wolf, a Native elder, had already earned respect for his many prophetic visions, which had come to pass. Before he died he had a detailed vision of a global cataclysm. If humanity did not make an about face and practice respect for all creation, this vision, he warned, would become reality.

What he saw as a probable future deserves our attention for compelling reasons: 1.Two of the three parts of his prophecy have already occurred. 2. Right now, Native Americans and supporters from all races representing all ages, are at Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota, doing their best to turn around what could be one more unconscionable action against the only Earth we have.

Many possible futures

Stalking Wolf taught that there are many possible futures. He explained that "one thought influences another, and then another, until that thought is made manifest in all Creation." (How our thoughts, beliefs and actions influence what comes to pass has been scientifically proven.) Therefore, if mankind would turn around and choose the path of heart, then the Spirit, which moves through all things, would carry that into global manifestation. He said that even when one person makes the right heart choices, they activate a more positive probable future for us all.

The three-part vision

Here are brief excerpts from Stalking Wolf's vision. Read them while knowing we can still turn this around.

The first sign would be a horrific famine where untold numbers of people would perish. He saw this occurring in a part of the world he did not know-where people with brown faces lived in villages and people of all ages were starving to death. He saw that "even children were so frail that they looked old." (This was likely the great famine in Sudan in 1998.)

The second sign would overlap the first. He saw a disease would plague mankind "that will sweep the lands. The 'white coats' will have no answer for the people. The disease will be born of monkeys, drugs and sex." (This is the HIV/AIDS pandemic.)

The third and last part of his vision has not happened... yet. He referred to this as "the night of the bleeding sky." In his vision the sky turned blood red. "The silence and stillness and the unnatural color was not like any sunrise or sunset. It had a vile odor and seemed to burn the earth wherever it touched it. At night the stars shone red and everywhere cries of fear and pain were heard. This will happen all over the earth and when the sky bleeds, there will be no safety for man."

One important note

Thankfully we have not (yet) come to the night of the bleeding stars. The time is now to return to simple truths no matter what: pay it forward, take right action, forgive old hurts, practice compassion, let go of negative judgments and prejudices. This is not only a Native American teaching, it is also found in all the great traditions and religions of the world. And science has verified that the heart tells the brain what biochemistry to release into our bodies. The above emotions produce the internal chemistry of well being for the body, mind and soul, which automatically support kindness and collaboration.

Never underestimate the power of the path of the heart. This is every person's innate power. PJH