Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

"Whenever possible be kind; it is always possible.”

– Dalai Lama

There comes a time to put into action the important information agreed upon equally by the latest scientific research, the world’s wisdom traditions, and enlightened teachers. They all concur that the energy quality of our consciousness plays a pivotal role in influencing the direction for this planet and the well-being of all who live on this Earth.

We are that powerful

The more we respond to life from the higher frequencies generated by loving states of being–compassion, kindness, forgiveness, collaboration, inclusion, generosity–the more we co-create a reality reflecting those attributes. The more we respond by coming from the lower frequencies of fear related states of being–anger, greed, revenge, separation, conflict, exclusion–the more we continue living in a world endlessly reflecting those attributes. If you are reading this article, you likely know the kind of world you want. If you experienced awe during the recent solar eclipse, you likely felt it.

Cost-free tips for upgrading

There is only one prerequisite; you have to want to experience your true human potential and to do what it takes. Here are some simple, cost–free strategies to raise your consciousness. When it comes to following any list of “how to’s”, the simple advice is to choose what you’ll really do.

Transcending four negativity traps

How can you know what’s going on in the world and not let it take you down? Like a journalist, you can practice being the objective observer of events. The observer role takes you out of needing to react emotionally. Your task is to simply observe without adding an opinion. If you notice something about which you need to take action, skipping the fear allows you to do so with focus and clarity.

How can you use your own discernment to know what’s true and/or what’s in your highest greatest good in any situation? We all have the answers inside ourselves. Go to your heart for the intel. The heart is both our proven “first responder” and the “higher truth teller”. Pause, sit comfortably, close your eyes, focus on your physical heart and “try on” the decision on which you are wanting clarity. Your heart will trigger the brain to evoke one of two responses in your body, either an open feeling and/or a pleasant rush which means go for it, or it will experience a tight constricted feeling, maybe a bit of a stomach ache, which means no way. If something doesn’t feel right or true, trust yourself. Skip self-doubt which is only your fearful ego detouring you from what you know.

What if you find yourself experiencing negative vibes from someone, something or someplace? To take the high road, you can choose to either “duck” emotionally so you are not affected, and/or exit quietly without drama.

Feeling uptight and stressed is also a low frequency state. Go for a walk or a run, preferably in nature. This is a proven remedy and will re-up your vibration.

Building positive frequencies four ways

Focus on what’s right in your life. Whatever we focus on increases. The half-full glass view of life ups your vibration and your immune system. This is science.

Practice gratitude. Regardless of what’s going on, remind yourself of things small and large for which you are grateful. If you are inspired, it is most effective to keep a gratitude notebook and write a list of five things for which you are grateful each day. Consistently expressing gratitude is proven scientifically to increase all levels of well-being and inner peace.

Practice random acts of kindness just because you can. Both the recipient and the giver benefit equally from the uplift. This outcome has also been measured.

Practice forgiveness and include forgiving yourself. Forgiveness is an inside job.

It is not about condoning hurtful behavior or letting someone off the hook. It is about releasing the physical and emotional constrictions in your body which are created from holding onto grudges and hurts. When you forgive and let it go, you will be healthier, freer, lighter and happier. The ability to forgive is an attribute of higher consciousness.

One more time

The Dalai Lama teaches, “Whenever possible, be kind; it is always possible.” I am adding to this truth by reminding you to make sure to treat yourself with kindness, too!