Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Employing a metaphysical perspective to help cope with tragedy.

Nothing can take away the sadness, grief, shock and outrage we feel when innocent people die as the result of wanton acts of violence. There is no excuse for our inhumanity to one another. But for the time being these heinous events can bring us closer together. At a higher level, tragedies come with an urgent call and opportunity for humanity to evolve.

The metaphysical perspective always asserts that our souls are never destroyed; there is more to us and more going on than our limited senses can perceive. This bigger picture understanding is expressed in the world's esoteric wisdom teachings, and offers an added dimension of meaning and comfort in the face of horrific loss, such as when groups of people perish together. An expanded understanding of untimely deaths can help us to harness pain and loss to progress and to upgrade the world.

Life is continuous

A bottom line in esoteric wisdom teachings, now also corroborated by science, is that the universe is a living, interactive matrix, of which we are a part. Our souls are the eternal aspect of who we are, and though physical bodies perish, the consciousness of the soul is not destroyed.

Since we are part of the living matrix, when large numbers of people perish at the same time, everyone in the world is impacted by the energies of loss, whether we are aware of it or not. Some people, however, are more sensitive than others. When global media broadcasts the horrific news, the effect is more noticeably contagious.

A love bridge

It is also said that when the soul leaves the body at death, there is an outpouring of love energy from the soul as it is received into a higher state of existence. At the same time, there is an outpouring of love among those left on earth as we mourn and comfort one another. (Grieving itself is a function of love; if you did not care, you would not grieve.)

The as above so below flow of love creates a love bridge, a very important and palpable earthly and celestial exchange of love. This flow of love between realities occurs with the passing of every person, and brings with it the opportunity to heal personal, family, ethnic and global karma.

Groups of souls

When many people perish at the same time, whether or not they knew each other in their lives, the collective group of souls exiting together releases unfathomable amounts of love into the universe. And the global love wave which follows on earth, now further expanded via social media, combined with the celestial unconditional love is exponentially powerful.

Two higher purposes

A very important function of the global love wave, generated by millions of people opening their hearts, is that this powerful energy dissipates negative planetary and cosmic forces. Love breaks up fear. It foils the intent of the perpetrator. This love and compassion are like a booster shot, upgrading the planetary frequency and all life on earth.

The second and related higher purpose is a call to action for all of us in this world to make a lasting shift in our lives to a loving, compassionate and collaborative state of being. This means living through the lens of the heart. Typically, all the good will on earth passes quickly, and people go back to business as usual.

The most awesome opportunity

When enough of humanity is able to sustain the higher frequency of love, we will create the tipping point to a whole new world of inner and global peace, where love as a state of being prevails. Then, we will naturally come together to support the greater good of all life and revel in exploring our full creative potential.

May this past week of horror herald the promised shift to heaven on earth. It's always up to us. PJH