Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

A metaphysical perspective on coping with loss

When someone's death is untimely - because they die young, or are victims of violence, natural disasters or sudden accidents - the pain is all the more searing. Making sense of it all can be challenging.

Metaphysical perspectives, which do not take away the pain, can offer a big-picture understanding of untimely deaths and focus on using loss as an opportunity to grow and evolve.

A love bridge

One metaphysical understanding is that the passing of souls creates a very powerful exchange of compassion and unconditional love between higher dimensions of reality and earth. This exchange has the power to heal individual, family, ethnic and national karma. The love bridge allows angels and higher beings of light to infuse healing, wisdom, and/or activation of new abilities into human consciousness.

Esoteric traditions describe an automatic three-fold outpouring of love when a soul passes. First, there is a release of love when the soul leaves the body. There is a second wave of love when the soul is received into a higher state of existence. A third outpouring of love happens among those who remain on Earth as they mourn and support each other. This love exchange happens with the passing of every human being.

Groups of souls

When large numbers of people perish at the same time, though they may not know each other in the here and now, they form a soul group whose combined exit co-creates an enormous infusion of higher love. We may never know what programs of planetary evolution they facilitated in their group passing, but it is a form of high service to the world. This phenomenon is similar to a forest fire ? a devastating occurence that also clears the land to be healthier and more vigorous in its re-growth. The big-picture metaphysical perspective, which in no way is meant to condone wanton violence or abuse, is that periodic mass exits of souls facilitate necessary course corrections and upgrades for the entire world.

Death of a child

Reincarnation theory, which holds that souls are eternal and function beyond our experience of time and space, addresses the death of a child in the following ways:

  • Though it challenges our comprehension, the departed soul has completed what it came into this life to master and to contribute.
  • At the soul level, they are fine and whole and will incarnate again.
  • Part of the service of a soul whose lifespan is short is to set up an opportunity for soul growth for the surviving family members and friends.

Sometimes a death leads to re-prioritizing and redirecting personal values and lifestyle choices. For some people it is a call to action to a higher purpose. Think of all the people who have devoted their lives to pursuing legal reforms, discovering cures to illnesses, setting up foundations for charity as the result of the untimely death of a loved one.

The bottom line is that in the face of untimely death or the loss of someone who lived a long life, it is important to feel the loss and also to allow your heart to break open so that love triumphs and prevails on both sides of the veil. PJH