Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

Visualization helps healing

If you were to close your eyes and imagine being at a favorite beach, and also bring to mind the warmth of the sun, the scent of ocean air and the fragrance of tropical flowers, your brain experiences that scene as if it were really happening. The power of visualization starts a cascade of positive shifts in the body, mind and spirit.

Your heart opens as you visualize the beauty of a favorite beach. The heart then signals the brain to release the biochemistry of wellbeing into the body. The body and mind relax, and physical and emotional stresses melt away.

Soul connection

The positive biochemistry initiated by the heart and released by the brain upgrade your being to a higher vibration. The frequency of an openhearted state brings with it access to the wisdom of your soul and to higher guidance.


On an academic note, scientists have been measuring the positive health benefits of using a technique called ?guided visualization.? Guided visualizations are structured so that the content of the imagining/visualizing is scripted to intentionally target a specific, desired outcome. Typically, another person guides the process by asking you to close your eyes and imagine specific things based on your goal.

Research results

Studies have demonstrated that guided visualization before and after surgery positively influences the pace of recovery. Patients who practiced visualizing healing with ease from the surgery they were about to undergo had fewer medical complications, less pain and shorter hospital stays.

Other studies have demonstrated that when people with bone fractures consistently visualize the bones knitting together, the fractures mend more quickly.

Research with children who have cancer has shown that kids who are taught to use guided imagery to increase the number of cancer killing cells measurably increase the number of cancer killing cells in their bodies.

Everyday application

Everyone can benefit from experiencing a guided visualization. Here is one I often share in workshops, which you can use anytime you?d like to open your heart and be more peaceful.

Set aside about 10 minutes and sit comfortably in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths. Bring to mind your favorite place in nature and take the time to make that setting really vivid in your mind?s eye. Notice the colors, the textures, the scents, sounds, time of year and the temperature in that location. Take in the beauty with all your senses. Notice how imagining being there makes you feel. Notice what you so love about it. Allow the good feelings to permeate your entire body. Gently open your eyes and enjoy your relaxed, uplifted state of being. PJH