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What If...Why our survival and well-being hinge on our resilience.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

-A. Schopenhauer 1788-1860

As we know, people once believed Earth was flat and if you got to the edge, you'd fall off and perish. Outdated beliefs about our planet, about ourselves, and about the cosmos can be amusing to us. And yet it is now our turn to be on the threshold of radically new thought-changing, belief-changing, life-changing discoveries, with mind-blowing potential.

The nature of beliefs

Beliefs are a curious and powerful phenomenon of our consciousness. Once we form a belief and hold it as truth, the brain will ignore and/or censor out any data which conflicts with that belief. Therefore, once we hold a belief about something or someone, the only information we allow ourselves to be aware of is data confirming our conclusion. Beliefs may or may not be based on anything objectively true, and you can see they play a big role in determining what possibilities we are capable of experiencing.

Play with this

I thought it might be fun to share three topics currently gathering evidence and probability, which could change everything. You might enjoy observing how open minded and resilient you are in relation to these likely "coming attractions," which invite belief-busting potential.

Mind-Blowing Expansion 1:

There is intelligent life everywhere in the universe more advanced, as advanced, and less advanced than we are in both technology and consciousness.

UCSB Science Line reports there are about 100 billion stars in our galaxy.

They have discovered that solar systems form around many stars.

If only 0.1 percent of stars in our Milky Way have orbiting planets, that means there are still 10 million solar systems in the Milky Way alone.

There are untold numbers of planets orbiting their suns at approximately the same distance from their sun star as is Earth. Not to mention that there would be life forms unknown to us, which are perfectly adapted to environments we could not inhabit.

There are 3 thousand billion galaxies in the known universe.

Mind-Blowing Expansion 2:

New perspectives about us

We are souls and we have a physical body.

When the pure awareness of the soul temporarily links with the physical body, it allows the soul to experience itself in this exquisite and limited physical reality. Consciousness also survives the death of the physical body.

Even with all we think we know, we can only perceive less than 1 percent of the visible light spectrum, the electromagnetic spectrum and the acoustic spectrum.

There is no junk DNA; there is DNA, which is not yet activated.

Regardless of our current levels of intelligence, we use only a small percent of the potential capacity of our brains. The rest of our brain capacity is not online...yet.

Mind-Blowing Expansion 3:

Extra-terrestrials here then and now

Extraterrestrial archaeology focusing on off-planet ruins has located remnants of intelligent civilizations on the moon, on Mars and on some of the moons of Saturn and Jupiter.

Sculpture, art and literature from every ancient civilization credits ET contact with accelerating our human evolution.

People with credible positions in military, government and civilian life have experienced contact with ET intelligence, and have gone on record describing what transpired.

Many credible sources attribute our current, rapid acceleration of technologies to information captured from, shared from and/or reverse engineered from ETs.

U.S. Navy Admiral Byrd flew over the north and south poles of the Earth in the 1900s and experienced an anomaly at the poles. He reported entering there into the inner earth and discovering an inhabited resource-rich land inside the planet. He introduced the Hollow Earth Theory. There are continuous sightings of UFOs emerging from and re-entering the inner earth.


Have fun noticing what comes up for you as you read some of the items above. Maybe they challenge some of your old beliefs and/or maybe they confirm your intuitions. Google the topics mentioned in this article for more information and resources. PJH