Originally appeared in Planet Jackson Hole

“Researchers eventually come to realize that if there are indeed so many credible eyewitnesses across the land, then the species they so consistently and emphatically describe exists also.” ~ Bigfoot Researchers Field Organization

You have likely heard of them as Bigfoot, Sasquatch and Yeti, the hairy 8 to 10 foot tall agile human-like elusive creatures found in remote, deep forests around the world. Reports of sightings and interactions with these beings come from the U.S., the Himalayas, Australia, South America and also many indigenous cultures. Some Bigfoot references are from ancient cultures; some are from regular folk who happened upon them in recent years. Other data has been and continues to be recorded and studied by highly credentialed researchers over the past 50 or so years.


These beings have human features; even with all their body hair, their facial features … eyes, noses, mouths … are more human than ape-like. They walk upright, behave more like humans than animals, have individual personalities and are not antagonistic. They do not attack humans.

In fact, researcher Ron Morehead, who has interacted with Bigfoot in the field for decades, reports that they are very aware of and sensitive to human vibes. They carefully scope out and are able to discern people who have kind intentions toward them before making intentional contact. Their extra caution around human beings is warranted; Bigfoot have been hunted more than respected and understood. Morehead explains that if they don’t want you there in their territory, they will let you know by throwing rocks in your direction and they will not hit you.

One other very strikingly human attribute is Sasquatch have an elaborate language, which has been validated scientifically by crypto-linguists and further analyzed by American and overseas universities. Some of the sounds of the Sasquatch were analyzed and verified by the University of Wyoming in the 1970’s. Their speech is extremely rapid, conveys recognizable emotions, and as with humans, female Sasquatch have higher-pitched voices than the big males. If you are curious, researcher Ron Morehead (bigfootsounds.com) has remarkable audio samples.


They are huge beings, so how can they be so agile and illusive? How can they appear and disappear from sight in a flash? According to some respected experiencers, the apparent answer is that they are interdimensional beings. What does that mean? They have the ability to adjust their frequency to either be fully in this physical reality or to increase their frequency to the point where they are invisible to our perception. (Note: UFOs do this too). One of the many things this implies is that Sasquatch and their relatives are highly intelligent, with abilities beyond ours, especially when it comes to materializing and dematerializing between dimensions of reality at will.


Might these beings be a long lost relative of ours that is not an ape? The formerly accepted evolutionary family tree is experiencing serious revision. Current scientific genetic findings, as reported by Gregg Braden (Human by Design) indicate that we are not descended from apes. Others reporting this kind of information about our origins include former participants in global secret space programs turned whistleblowers. Gifted clairvoyants have also independently added corroborative input.

Who we are seems both the result of eons of local earthly evolution and intentional immediate genetic interventions from advanced non-Earth beings. It’s curious to note that these current scientific findings noting distinct splicing of our genes to create the modern human about 200,000 years ago are also alluded to in accounts found in ancient sacred texts and legends describing the interbreeding of humans and the gods. What about the Sasquatch and their cousins around the world who live like animals and yet are so human? Is it possible they are a still living prehistoric experiment/prototype of what eventually became the modern human? Might it be worth learning more about and from them rather than being fearful or continuing to discount/dismiss their presence?


All of the expansive research and evidence will continue to unfold. Regardless of whether or not we like what is discovered is not a determining factor. When it comes to Bigfoot … as with other familiar and unfamiliar creatures in nature … keep in mind that they all have intelligence and feelings and deserve our care and respect. The most constructive attitude toward the Sasquatch, and about any new discoveries that challenge old beliefs, is to remain open and curious.